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Dated:   June 9, 2005

US Infantry Division

Organization Charts

This page describes the organizational structure of a typical US Infantry Division.
The number in blue is the number of men within that level of command.  It has been estimated that only 1/3 of a division actually served as combat infantrymen---the remainder were command, support, artillery, etc.

Infantry Division   Example of 85th Infantry Division
Infantry Division Org Chart
The Division consisted of 3 numbered Regiments and 4 numbered Artillery Battalions.  The Signal Company, Quartermaster Company and Reconnaissance Troop were identified with the same number as the Division.  The Medical Battalion and the Engineer Battalion were identified by a unique 3-digit number that was the same for both.  The The Ordnance Company identification was the same as the Division number but preceeded by a "7" .
Example:  Supporting units of  85 Infantry Division were:   310 Engineer Btn, 310 Medical Btn,
                  85 Signal Company, 85 Quartermaster Co., 85 Recon Troop, and 785 Ordnance Co. 


Infantry Regiment
Infantry Regiment Chart
  The Regiment was divided into 1st, 2nd & 3rd Battalions with the 12 companies assigned as shown.  The Battalion was the basic infantry fighting unit that was autonomous but yet flexible. 
  The Cannon Company and Anti-Tank Company were usually deployed behind the front infantry units as a defense against an enemy break-through.  The Service Company(SVC) was responsible for repair and replacement of equipment.
Note: it is somewhat redundant to say a soldier is a member of Company E, 2nd Battalion. 


Infantry Rifle Company
Rifle Company Chart

   The basic Rifle Squad consisted of 9-12 men lead by one NCO(Sergeant) and a corporal.  Each Rifle Company had a Heavy Weapons Platoon that was divided into a Light Machine Gun Section and a Mortar Section.
    One company within a Battalion was designated as a Heavy Weapons Company and it was equipped with heavy Machine Guns and 81mm Mortars(See chart for Regiment). 


Divisional Artillery
Divisional Artillery Chart
   Field Artillery Battalion provided a Forward Observer in support of the infantry for patrols.
    In general, one Field Artillery Battalion was assigned to provide support to an Infantry
    Regiment.   The heavy battalion was available as needed.


   Arty - Artillery
   AT - Anti-Tank unit or a light cannon
   Recon -  Reconnaissance Troop, company-size unit
   Btn - Battalion
   Co - Company
   MP - Military Police.  Platoon-size unit per Division
   Ser. Co. - Service Company, a support unit of a Regiment
   SVC - Service Company, a support unit of a Regiment
   37mm  - light cannon, assigned to AT unit
   57mm  - light cannon, assigned to AT unit


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 INSIGNIA  worn on US uniforms.   DUI Pins  of regiments and artillery battalions that served in Italy.

Ref Table of US Divisions  -  Cross Reference Table that lists the numbered regiments and artillery battalions and engineer battalions for each Infantry Division.

The following are detailed unit history for each division and includes indentification
of each regiment, artillery battalion, etc.
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