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Dated:  July 16, 2013


     This page details the General Orders issued by the 328th Field Artillery Battalion during WW2.  These Orders were issued by the Commander for the soldiers who earned the awards and citations or promotions.  The only awards and citations that this HQ had the authority to issue were for Good Conduct Medal(GCM) or the Purple Heart Medal(PHM) or Driver's certificates.  The General Orders also notified the unit of any change in the command Staff.
  General Orders are official records of the unit and are archived at the NARA facility in College Park, MD.  For higher awards, such as Bronze Star Medal or Silver Star Medal, these were issued by the Infantry Division or the Army or even higher HQ.  Other documents that may be available are the monthly Operational Reports, Daily logs and maps and overlays that pin-pointed their positions.
    The General Order is referenced by its Number and the Year it was issued and the Unit.  Sometimes the Date of issue was included.  Notice that the date of the Order may issue an award for something that happened many months before.  Then if the soldier's actions deserved a highter award, a higher HQ would issue an Order that would rescind the lower award and issue the higher medal.

   Examples of GO identification
      GO  1 328FA
44  =  General Order #1 issued in 1944 by the 328 Field Artillery Battalion
      GO  33 WD 45     = General Order #33 issued
in 1945 by the War Department.  This GO created
                            the Victory Medal and issued it to all soldiers currently in service when the war ended.

Scanned General Orders
    The General Orders that are too long to add to the Table, below, were scanned into a PDF file that is provided as a seperate link.  These are the copies that were recieved from National Archives.  When I recieved them, I sorted them chronologically and numbered them in the bottom right corner.  For this scan, I printed the GO Number and Year in bold in the upper right corner. 
    If you compare these scanned copies with the Table, you can understand better how to read the info in the table.  The Table and the scanned copies provide a complete set of General Orders that deal with awards and citations.
      NMI is Army's way of indicating that the soldier really had No Middle Initial.
      Headquarters or HQ includes the officers that compile the Commander's staff.  Note that the early GO's did not list a battery for any of the Officers.  Later ones did.
      Battery HQ is a large group of support staff that addressed the details of the battery.
     WOJG = Warant Officer Junior Grade is a rank that is between an Non-Commissioned Officer and a Lieutenant.
     Tec4 Tec5 
= Army rank of Techincal 4th Grade & Techincal 5th Grade.
      Adjut  = abbreviation for Adjutant.
= abbreviation for Acting.
      CGM  = Good Conduct Medal issued after 12 months of service without getting into trouble.
  PHM  = Purple Hear Medal issued for being wounded in combat. 
                 Date that follows indicates the date he received the wound.


Link to Monthly Operational Reports:  Ops Reports

Table of General Orders - 328 Field Artillery Battalion
Date after PHM refers to date soldier was wounded.  PHM(+1) indicates Oak Leaf or 2nd award.
Name                Rank       Unit                  Citation or Promotion
Early GO's were issued at Camp Shelby and laid out the plan for Guard Duty of the Barracks.
Included a sketch of the placement of each guard.
Apr 24

May 14
Shreveport, Louisiana -  Announced names of officers who assumed acting positions within the Battalion.
Major George P. Biggs - Executive Officer. 
1-Lt Malcolm Shaw Jr. - Acting S-3
1-Lt Willard M. Riemann - Acting Assistant S-3
2-Lt John J. Reynolds - Acting Assistant S-2
1-Lt Robert H. Christy relived as Adjutant and Personnel Adjutant
WOJG James T. Henson, Sr. - Personnel Adjutant
8 Jun 24
Camp Pilot Knob, Calif.   Announced  Capt Richard L. Tyron as Acting S-3.
July 4
George J. Brehm                 Capt.            -                            Actg Personnel Adjt
10 July 6
General information on post of Guards with sketch of camp and guard post positions.
Correction to previous GO.
12 Jul 17
Correction to previous GO.
13 Jul 31
Correction to previous GO.  Stated no one to enter arms tent without written order.
14 Nov 6
Fort Dix, NJ    See Scanned GO's: GO-328FA.  Includes 53 GCMs in all Batteries.
15 Nov 16
See Scanned GO's: GO-328FA.  Includes 100+ GCMs in all Batteries.
16 Nov Anthony J. Mannarino                               -                              GCM
17 Nov 23 George J. Brehm                 Capt.                -                   Actg Personnel Adjt  in absence
                                                                                        of WOJG James T. Henson Sr.
Fred A. Kistler                    Sgt                   -                       Revoked GCM

1944     328FA embarked for Europe on Christmas Eve, 1943.  Following GO are post marked as APO 85.
1 Feb 29
See GO 1   or Scanned GO's: GO-328FA.  Includes 11 Names including my Dad.
2 April 24  Robert R. Robinson,            1Lt                    -                          PHM 24 Apr 44
Leslie T. Mann,                    Pvt                Bty B                      PHM 24 Apr 44
John NMI Vavrek,               PFC              Bty B                      PHM 24 Apr 44
3 May 11
See Scanned GO's: GO-328FA.   Includes 9 PHMs issued for 24 April and 9 May.
4 May 15 See Scanned GO's: GO-328FA.
May 22
Albert V. Eason                  S/Sgt            Bty HQ                  PHM 13 May 44
Paul A. Rodkey                  Cpl                Bty HQ                   PHM 13 May 44
Jun 16 Charles H. Usvolk,              2Lt                    -                         PHM 31 May 44
Charles H. Shaw,                PFC              Bty A                     PHM 31 May 44
Lemarl? L. Freeman,           Pvt                Bty HQ                  PHM 2 June 44
Jun 24 Thomas J. Forest,                 Cpl               Bty B                      PHM 2 June 44

July 7
William E. Sullivan,            1Lt                  -                           PHM 24 Apr 44
10 July 10 See GO 10 or Scanned GO's: GO-328FA.    Includes 30+ Names.
Sept 12 
Richard E. Arbuckle,          2Lt                   -                       Actg Personnel Adjt in absence
                                                                  of WOJG James T. Henson Sr.
Sept 13 Garland W. Kellum,            Tec4             Bty Svc                  GCM
Benjamin H. Connolly,       Tec5             Bty Svc                   GCM
Merlin J. Gunsalus,             Pvt                Bty Svc                  GCM
Sept 28
Anthony La Trace,              Pvt                Bty A                     PHM 19 Aug 44
Joseph A. Callahan,            S/Sgt            Med                        GCM
14 Sept 30
See Scanned GO's: GO-328FA.        Includes  1 PHM and 30 GCM for Bty HQ.
Oct 7 Cornelius J. Curtin              Cpl               Bty A                      PHM(+1) 3 Oct 44
George J. Brehm                  Capt             HQ                           PHM  2 Oct 44
Anthony D’Alelio               Pvt                Bty C                       PHM 17 Sept 44
Oct 19 Walter L. Tanzer                 1Lt                Bty B                      PHM 10 Oct 44
Fritzie H. Huble                   1 Sgt             Bty C                      PHM 16 Oct 44
Walter C. Foster                   PFC              Bty C                      PHM 10 Oct 44
Oct 20 Edwin C. Haney                 Sft                 Bty HQ                   Rescinded PHM
18 Oct 30 Guy A. Christiansen,          Sgt,               Bty B                       PHM 26 Oct 44
George F. Sackrider,            Tec4             Bty A                       PHM 26 Oct 44
Eugene A. Rathgeber,         Pvt                Bty B                       PHM 26 Oct 44
Forest E. Rayner,                 PFC              Bty B                       PHM 26 Oct 44
James A. Smith                    Pvt                Bty HQ                   GCM
Alfred J. Thiel                      Pvt                Bty HQ                    GCM
Albert B. Wright                  Pvt                Bty HQ                    GCM
John Zupcio                         Pvt                Bty HQ                   GCM
Robert A. Wescott               PFC              Bty A                       GCM
Nov 7
Paul A. Rodkey                   Cpl               Bty HQ                     PHM(+1) 4 Nov 44
Emmette Y. Burton Sr       Lt.-Col          HQ                          PHM 4 Nov 44
Charles A. Glidden             Sft                 Bty C                       PHM 2 Nov 44
Herbert Creasing                 Tec4             Med                          PHM 4 Nov 44
Ernest E. McCullar              Pvt                Bty A                       PHM 4 Nov 44
Nov 12
Charles D. Glidden                                                                 Correction of errors; MI and Unit.
Albert V. Eason                   T/Sgt           Bty HQ                   PHM(+1) 4 Nov 44
Ralph C. ?Mathia                PFC              Bty HQ                   PHM 4 Nov 44
Alfred J. Thiel                      PFC              Bty HQ                   PHM  4 Nov 44
Charles E. Moore                Pvt                Bty A                      PHM  4 Nov 44
Dec 16
Woodrow Willis                  1 Sgt             Bty HQ                   PHM  3 Nov 44
James Albano                      Tec5             Bty HQ                   PHM  11 Nov 44
Dec 18
Martin?  NMI D’onefrio      PFC              Med                        GCM

Jan 5 Donald J. McPhee               Tec5             Svc                            GCM
Gale? ?.  Strayer                  Tec5             Svc                            GCM
Walter Klegand                   Tec5             Svc                            GCM
Larence Q. Starling             Pfc                Svc                            GCM
Kenneth O. VanScoy          Pfc                Svc                            GCM
Lawrence J. Young             Pfc                Svc                            GCM
2 Jan 25
See Scanned GO's: GO-328FA.   Includes  46 GCMs for Bty C.
3 Feb 6 See Scanned GO's: GO-328FA
Feb 17 Herbert A Market               S/Sgt            Bty A                       GCM
Boleslaw F. Palucki             Cpl               Bty A                       GCM
James F. Wade                     Cpl               Bty A                       GCM
Robert A. Fisher                  Tec5             Bty A                       GCM
James S. Galloway              Tec5             Bty A                       GCM
William R. Santiana            Tec5             Bty A                       GCM
James L. Grosh                    Pfc                Bty A                       GCM
William J. McGovern          Pfc                Bty A                       GCM
Siaeley H. Pankowski         Pfc                Bty A                       GCM
Glenn C. Smith                    Pfc                Bty A                       GCM
Clyde W. Spear                   Pfc                Bty A                       GCM
Anthony La Trace               Pvt                Bty A                       GCM
Leon H. Smith                     Pvt                Bty A                       GCM
Feb 26
See Scanned GO's: GO-328FA.  Issued Vehicle Mechanic & Vehicle Drivers Badges
Mar 4
Braulio Alonso                    Capt             Bty A                        PHM  5 Feb 45
Harrison K. Bryant             Cpl               Bty A                        PHM  11 Nov 44
Mar 12
David S. Shier                     1Lt                Bty B                      PHM 20 Feb 45
Jessie J. Biangone                 Tec5             Bty B                      PHM 4 Mar 45
Apr 4
Micholas Lukatchik            Pfc                Med                       GCM
May 11 James S. McAnulty             ?                   HQ                         Assumes command.
May 11 George P. Biggs                   Maj               HQ                         Relieved as S-3/ Exec Ofcr
May 11 Malcolm Shaw, Jr.              Capt             HQ                         Assigned S-3
May 21 Harold E. Goodwin             Capt             HQ                        Relieved as S-4 / Assigned S-3
John B. McClintock             1Lt                HQ                         Relieved as Liaison Ofcr / S-4
13 May 24
Woodrow Willis                 1st Sgt             HQ                        GCM
Marion H. Reese
                  Pfc                 HQ                        GCM
Anthony C. Matera            Cpl                 B                            GCM
Clyde Thompson
                Tec5                B                            GCM
Joeld M. Golightly                Pfc                 B                            GCM
Josephy G. Levy, Jr.              Pfc                B                            GCM
Anthony L. Raso                  Pfc                B                            GCM
Neal M. Todd, Jr.                  Pfc                B                            GCM
Hugo Verdi                           Pfc                B                            GCM
Charles E. Whittaker            Pfc                B                            GCM
Ralph J. Skloff                       Pfc                B                            GCM
Harvey E. Horn                     S/Sgt
          SVC                        GCM
Clyde E. Schell                       Sgt              SVC                         GCM
Walter E. Tippit                     Pfc              SVC                         GCM
Calrl L. Moore                       Pvt              SVC                         GCM
Harold J. Goering                   Sgt              B                            Vehicle Mechanic Badge
Edwin Smith                         Tec4             B                           Vehicle Mechanic Badge
14 Aug 4
Richard D. Thawley            Sgt              ?                               Revoked PHM issued by GO 1.
Richard D. Thawley            Sgt              HQ                           PHM 31  May 44
Richard D. Thawley    
       Sgt              HQ                           PHM(+1)  14 Oct 44  
 Appears that the Army had to issue the Purple Heart in correct order so this one Order revoked his 2nd Purple Heart Medal and re-issued it as an Oak Leaf Cluster.  You gotta love the Army.

Link to Scanned GO's: GO-328FA.

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