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Dated:  Oct 13, 2008


At the Battle of Shiloh, TN, April 6 & 7, 1862.

Records of the Confederate Armies with details
on personel and units from Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana & Alabama.

Reference Sources
"Shiloh: Bloody April" by Wiley Sword
"Shiloh --in Hell before Night" by James L. McDonough
Shiloh Battlefield Map with Org Table
Confederate Military History
and additional info researched by Steve Cole

  This Organizational Table of the Army of the Mississippi has been expanded to add details about the commanders and regiments that fought at Shiloh.  As I studied more about Shiloh, I began to find out facts about the commanders.  So, I began to compile this with the organizational table so it would be easy to associate with a unit or command.  The initial purpose I created this detailed table was to tell what became of some of the commanders and soldiers.
    The Organizational Table is listed by Corps and Division, etc.  I have added info on some of the commanders in a color code to distinguish the type of info.  The strength of each unit is listed next to the unit.  The numbers appear to be rounded off to nearest hundreds; but maybe these are accurate.  Below are some of the color codes and legends.
(Pre-Shiloh)-  Info dates prior to the battle.    Ex. USMA class 1857
(Shiloh)-  Info about battle.     Ex: (w-mortally) = mortally wounded
{Post-Shiloh }- Info dates after the battle, including promotions, or after the War.
[Unit history]- Details about the regiment.
[400] - Number following regiment is total strenght at Shiloh.
4S6LB  - Identifies quantity and type of artillery.  See Legend at bottom of page.

Basically Green is info dated before Shiloh, Red relates to the battle and Blue is info dating after the battle.  And [square brackets] relates to the regiment and (parenthesis) or {parenthesis} relates to the commanders, before and after the battle.
  See more Legend & Codes at bottom of page.

Index to ARMY OF THE MISSISSIPPI  (Click to select)

FIRST ARMY CORPS  -  Maj. Gen. Leonidas Polk

SECOND ARMY CORPS -  Maj. Gen. Braxton Bragg

THIRD ARMY CORPS  -  Maj. Gen. William J. Hardee

RESERVE CORPS  - Brig. Gen. John C. Breckinridge

  See Legend & Codes at bottom of page.

All units listed are assumed to be Infantry Regiments unless stated otherwise.



Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston (k)
(Johnston wound was in the back of the knee by an Enfield round.
He bled to death.  Only Confederate regiments used Enfield rifles.)

Gen. P. G. T. Beauregard


Maj. Eugene E. McLean (QM) Lt-Col Gilmer (Engineer)
Lieut-Col. Samuel W. Ferguson (USMA 1857) (directed 2nd Corps)
Col Samuel B. Maxey (USMA 1846)
(Organized 9th TX. B-Gen March 62.) {US Senator 1875 & 1881}
Dr. D. W. Yandell (physician)
Captain Fremaux, Lts Steel & Helm (Provisional Engineers)

Beauregard's Staff

Col. Thomas Jordan(Adjutant Gen) Maj. George W. Brent (Inspector Gen)
Col. S. W. Ferguson & Lieut. A. R. Chisolm(Aides-de-camp)
Gov. Isham G. Harris, of Tennessee(accompanied Johnston in battle)
Col. R. B. Lee (subsistence) Col. William Preston (brother-in-law to Gen Johnston)
(Gen Johnston died in his arms.)
George W. Johnson, Gov of Kentucky (w-mortally on 7th, horse shot on 6th)

Maj. Gen. Leonidas Polk

Lt-Col Blake(Inspector Gen), Maj. George Williamson(Adjutant),
Captain Champney(Ordnance), Maj. Thomas Peters(QM)
Dr. W. D. Lyles (Medical)
Lieuts. W. B. Richmond & A. H. Polk(Aides-de-camp)
Lieutenants Spence, Lanier, and Rawle

First Division

Brig. Gen. Charles Clark (w)
(b: Ohio. Capt of 2nd MS in Mex War.  Union Maj-Gen April 15, 61.
Resigned & accepted B-Gen May 61. ) {Gov of Mississippi 1864}
Brig. Gen. Alexander P. Stewart {Pres. of Unv of Mississippi 1874}

First Brigade
Col. Robert M. Russell, 12th Tennessee
(Gen Prentis' sword surrendered to Col Russell)

11th Louisiana  [550] Col. Samuel F. Marks (w)
    Lieut. Col. Robert H. Barrow 
    Capt John J. Barrow (w)

12th Tennessee  [700] Lieut. Col. Tyree H. Bell {B-Gen under Gen Forrest}
     Maj. Robert P. Caldwell

13th Tennessee  [600] Col. Alfred J. Vaughan, Jr. (VMI grad. Surveyor for California. Mississippian.) {Promoted B-Gen on field of Chickamauga.  8 Horses shot from under him. 
w: lost leg Jul 64.  Lived in Memphis.}

22d Tennessee  [800] Col. Thomas J. Freeman (w)
      Lieut-Col F. M. Stewart (w-severly)

Tennessee Battery  [93] Capt. Smith P. Bankhead (Polk's Chief of Artillery)   [4S6LB-2H12LB
Second Brigade
Brig. Gen. Alexander P. Stewart
13th Arkansas  [306] Lieut. Col. A. D. Grayson (k)
    Maj. James A. McNeely (w)
    Col. James C. Tappan  (prominent lawyer & legislature) {B-Gen Nov  62.  Little Rock, Pleasant Hill & Red River}
    Capts Crump, & Wilder,
    Capt Barley (w-seriously)
    Lieut's Duncan, Hopkins

4th Tennessee  [800] Col. Rufus P. Neely 
  Lieut. Col. Otho F. Strahl (b: Ohio.) {B-Gen July 63. k- Franklin}
[4th TN, under command of Lieut-Col Strahl captured battery. 31k, 150w.]
5th Tennessee  [600] Lieut. Col. Calvin D. Venable 5th Tenn temporarily lead by Col Campbell
33d Tennessee  [600] Col. Alexander W. Campbell (w - leading a charge)
Mississippi Battery  [93] Capt. Thomas J. Stanford    [3S6LB -2H12LB -1R3IN
April 7 - lost all horses and 20 men.]
Second Division
Maj. Gen. Benjamin F. Cheatham (w)
(MexWar, Captain)
[3801 men- lost 1213 k & w]

First Brigade
Brig. Gen. Bushrod R. Johnson (w)
(Florida War, Mex War, professor military school)
Col. Preston Smith, 154th Tennessee (w)
(C- Ft Donnelson)
{Maj-Gen May 64.Teacher in Ky Military school}

Blythe's Mississippi [400] Col. A. K. Blythe (k - shot dead from horse during charge.)
    Lieut. Col. David L. Herron (k)
    Maj. James Moore  {k: Munfordville Sept 14, 62}

2d Tennessee  [400] Col. J. Knox Walker 
     Lieut.-Col. James A. Smith {B-Gen after Chickamauga.}
2nd TN- two regiments called 2nd Tenn., see Hardee's III Corps, 2nd Brigade
15th Tennessee  [500] Lieut. Col. Robert C. Tyler (w) (Lived in Baltimore, Memphis.)
{Disabled at Missionary Ridge. Commanded convalescents at West Point, GA. Killed by sniper.}
  Maj. John F. Hearn

154th Tennessee (Senior)  [650] Col. Preston Smith (w) {B-Gen Oct 62.
Killed by friendly troops at Chickamauga night attack}
  Lieut. Col. Marcus J. Wright (w)  {B-Gen Dec 62.   Practised law in Memphis.}
   Pvt Warner T. Bolling (w-severly, prisoner)
Captured Union battery
Tennessee Battery  [102] Capt. Marshall T. Polk (w-seriously, lost leg)   [4S6LB-2H12LB

Second Brigade

Col. William H. Stephens, 6th Tennessee
Col. George Maney, 1st Tennessee
(Assumed command of brigade at 2:30 pm)

7th Kentucky  [500] Col. Charles Wickliffe (k)
  Lieut. Col. William D. Lannom 
{Col. of 7th until end of war.}
Major Welborn  (k)

1st Tennessee (Battalion)  [200] Col. George Maney (Requested Richmond have his unit transferred to Tenn. Assumed command of brigade at 2:30 pm)      {B-Gen April 16, 1862 One of few AOT generals who served under Stonewall Jackson.}
   Maj. Hume R. Field
 Private Sam Watkins author of "Company Aytch".
6th Tennessee  [400] Lieut. Col. Timothy P. Jones
9th Tennessee  [400] Col. Henry L. Douglass
Mississippi Battery  [120] Capt. Melancthon Smith   [4S6LB-2Nap12LB]
Traded 6-lb guns for captured 12-lb

(Acted as rear guard)

1st Mississippi  [600] Col. Andrew J. Lindsay 
    Lt-Col Miller
1st MS Cav- incorporated 1st MS Cav Btln led by Lieut-Col Miller, which captured 6 guns of 2nd Michigan.
Mississippi and Alabama Battalion [200] Lieut. Col. Richard H. Brewer 
     Major Baskerville
Brewer's Cav- later became known as 8th Confederate Cav, consisted of Brewer's, Bell's, & Baskerville's battalions of 6 AL companies and 4 Miss companies. 200 men: 2k & 10w.


47th Tennessee  [731] Col. Munson R. Hill Arrived on the field on the 7th, poorly armed with hunting rifles.



Maj. Gen. Braxton Bragg (USMA 1837, MexWar)
(2 horses shot from under him)
{B. Gen 27 June 1862, CO Army of Tenn}

Maj. George G. Garner & Capt. H. W. Walter(Adj Gen), Maj. L. F. Johnston(QM),
Lieut. Col. W. K. Beard(Inspector Gen), Maj. J. H. Hallon-quist(Artillery)
Surg. A. J. Foard, Capt. S. H. Lockett(Engineer), Capt. H. Oladowski(Ordnance)
Escort Company Alabama Cavalry, Capt. Robert W. Smith (gallantry)

First Division

Brig. Gen. Daniel Ruggles

Capt. Roy M. Hooe, Lieut. M. B. Ruggles & Maj. E. S. Ruggles(w)(Aide-de-camp)
Maj. John Claiborne(QM), Major Hallonquist(Artillery), Surg. F. M. Hereford(Surgeon)

First Brigade
Col. Randall L. Gibson, 13th Louisiana (1853 Yale grad)
{Breckinridge's charge at Stone's River. Chickamauga again took command of Gen Adam's brigd.
B-Gen, Jan 64, defended Mobile. Senator. Pres of Tulane Univ.}

1st Arkansas  [800] Col. James F. Fagan 
  Lieut-Col John B. Thompson (k - pierced by 7 balls)
  Major J. W. Colquilt & Capt James Newton (w)
   Capt's J. T. Gibson, Carl Hempstead 
& Jessee T. McMahan - (k)

4th Louisiana  [575] Col. Henry W. Allen (w)  (Left Harvard for Italian independence.)  {W- in both legs at Baton Rouge.  B-Gen 1864?.  Nov 1863 Gov of Louisiana. Exiled to Mexico.}  
     Lieut. Col. Samuel E. Hunter 
     Pvt Henty N. Sherbarne, Co G.  {Major with Forrest Cavalry. Judge & D.A.}

13th Louisiana  [700] Maj. Anatole P. Avegno (k)
 Capt. Stephen O'Leary (w)
   Capt. Edgar M. Dubroca
Aug 64 was reduced to 50 men.
9th Louisiana  [300] Col. Benjamin L. Hodge 
   Lieut. Col. James M. Hollingsworth

Vaiden, (Bain's) Mississippi Battery [76] Capt. S. C. Bain   [2S6LB-2H12LB]

Second Brigade
Brig. Gen. Patton Anderson
(Lieut-Col Mex War. physician & politician.)
{Maj-Gen Feb 64. w: twice at Atlanta. Died in Memphis.}
[1,634 Men  K&W 434 - 11Officers had horses killed]
Lts W. M. Davidson & John W. James (Aides)
Capt. John T. Sibley(QM), Surgeon C. B. Gamble

1st Florida Battalion [250] Maj. Thaddeus A. McDonell (w)
    Capt. W. G. Poole 
    Capt. W. Capers Bird

17th Louisiana [326] Lieut. Col. Charles Jones (w)
20th Louisiana [507] Col. August Reichard 
   Major Von Zinken (3 horses shot)

Confederate(Louisana) Guards Response Battalion [169] Major F. H. Clack (2 horses shot)
9th Texas [225] Col. Wright A. Stanley 
  Capt William H. Young  {B-Gen 64. w: 4 times - Murfreesboro, Jackson MS,  Kennesaw Mtn, Allatoona. C- Johnson Island. One of youngest B-Gen}

Washington (Louisiana) Artillery,
Fifth Company
Capt. W. Irving Hodgson 
  Pvt Robert W. Simmons {Capt on staff with Col W. Adams.}

Third Brigade
Col. Preston Pond, Jr., 16th Louisiana

16th Louisiana  [330]  Maj. Daniel Gober
18th Louisiana  [500] Col. Alfred Mouton (w- shot in head on 7th)
   Lieut.-Col. Alfred Roman

Crescent (Louisana) Regiment  [700] Col. Marshall J. Smith
Orleans Guard (Louisana) Battalion  [300] Maj. Leon Querouze (w)
38th Tennessee  [700] Col. Robert F. Looney 
Captain John C. Carter {Brevet B-Gen Jul 64. K- Franklin}
Charged Union camp, captured battery and 1000 prisoners. Heavy casualties.
Ketchum's Alabama Battery  [114] Capt. William H. Ketchum K 7. Commended for saving entire brigade
[Blue uniforms of 16th & 18 LA caused unnecessary casualties and delays.]
[Crescent & 38th TN gained the main Corinth road blocking Prentis's escape route.]


Alabama Battalion
(5 companies)  [00] 
Capt. Thomas F. Jenkins 5 companies - (Jenkins, Cox, Robins, Tomlinson, and Smith) 

Second Division

Brig. Gen. Jones M. Withers
[ 6,482 Men - K&W 1,918]
[Gladden K 129, W 597, M 103 : Chalmers  K 82, W 343  :Jackson  K 86, W 365, M 213]
Lt. B. M. Thomas(Inspector Gen)
Capt. D. E. Huger & Lt. D. F. Withers(Aides)
Major Runnels, 2nd Texas
Mr. Lafayette Veal ("a noble and patriotic citizen of Tennessee")

First Brigade
Brig. Gen. Adley H. Gladden (k - cannon ball)
(Col of 1st LA in Mex War, B-Gen- Sept 30, '61)
Col. Daniel W. Adams (w), 1st Louisiana
(Louisana lawyer. Brother Col Wirt Adams, cav)
{Both became B-Gen}
Col. Zachariah C. Deas (w), 22d Alabama

21st Alabama  [500]  Lieut. Col. Stewart W. Cayce 
   Maj. Frederick Stewart 
   Lt. Dixon (w- in thigh)
Volunteers from 21st AL died in the submarine HUNLEY, Feb 1864. 
22d Alabama  [435]
Col. Zachariah C. Deas (w- "pierced by several balls" (Paid $28,000 to outfit unit with Enfiled rifles. Took command after Adams was wounded.  Had 2 horses shot from under him and was wounded.)
  {B-Gen Dec 62. Lived in New Yorck City after the war.}
    Lieut.-Col. John C. Marrast 
    Major R. B. Armistead (w)
Enlisted 709 men. Suffered severe loss.  
After Shiloh 123 men; 217k.

Prominent roles in many battles: Dalton, Franklin, Bentonville.
25th Alabama  [305] Col. John Q. Loomis (w)
  Maj. George D. Johnston  {B-Gen July 64. His Brigade fought rear guard at Nashville. Lawyer.}
Organized in Dec 61 from Loomis' and McClellan's Battalions. Also known
as 1st Alabama Battalion. Ezra Church lost 125 of 173 men
26th Alabama (50th)  [440] Lieut.-Col. John G. Coltart (w)
  Lieut. Col. William D. Chadick
Renamed as 50th AL as another 26th AL had been captured at Fort Donnelson and fought in Army of Northern Virginia.
1st Louisiana  [400] Col. Daniel W. Adams 
   Maj. Fred H. Farrar, Jr. 
   Lieut Alfred Lewis, Co. D (w- knee) {1872 LA Senator but restrained by military order.  9/14/74 participated in battle with police under Gen Longstreet.}

Robertson's (Dent's) Alabama Battery   [76] Capt. Felix H. Robertson 
   {Lieut-Col with Wheeler Cav. B-Gen in Hood's Army. Settled in Texas.}


Second Brigade
[1740 Men - 82 K, 343 W, 1,600 M]

Brig. Gen. James R. Chalmers
(Grabbed flag of 9th MS and lead charge)
{After war, elected 4 terms US Senator.}
Col. Robert A. Smith

5th Mississippi  [400] Col. Albert E. Fant 
   Major Stennis

7th Mississippi  [500] Lieut. Col. Hamilton Mayson
9th Mississippi  [500] Lieut. Col. William A. Rankin (k - on 7th)
   Major F. E. Whitfield (w - hip on 7th)
Lt D. McKenzie, Co. K Bates 
   Pvt John Bates {1st Lt 1863. Severly wounded in thigh-Ezra Church Captain. Sheriff in LA. Clerk in LA state penitentiary.}
   Pvt John H Rogers {Drill master, may not have been at Shiloh. Lieut, Co F.After War Judge US District Court of Ark.}
Took many prisoners in Hornet's Nest; 14th IA, 18th Missouri & 58th IL. 
Major Whitfield captured Colonel of 7th Iowa.
Lt McKenzie captured Colonel of 18th Missouri.
10th Mississippi  [360] Col. Robert A. Smith {k: Munfordville Sept 14, 62.}
  Lieut-Col James G. Bullard {k: Munfordville Sept 14, 62.}

52nd Tennessee  [400] Col. Benjamin J. Lea Gen Chalmers said "except for 2 companies, behaved badly".
Gage's Alabama Battery  [76] Capt. Charles P. Gage   [2H12LB-2R3IN]

Third Brigade
Brig. Gen. John K. Jackson

17th Alabama  [600]  Lieut. Col. Robert C. Fariss 
(Col. Thomas H. Watts resigned to become attorney-general of Confederate States before Shiloh.)
Captured 2 stands of colors. 
18th Alabama  [413] Col. Eli S. Shorter 
   Lieut-Col James T. Holtzclaw (w Shot thru lung; recovered in 90 days.) {B-Gen. }

19th Alabama  [500] Col. Joseph Wheeler 
   Lieut-Col Edward D. Tracy {B-Gen. k: Port Gibson.}

2d Texas  [500] Col. John C. Moore  (b: Tenn. USMA 1849)
   {B-Gen May 62. Lookout Mtn, Missionary Ridge. Resigned Feb 64.}
   Lieut. Col. William P. Rogers (During Mexican War, Rogers had a quarrel with Jefferson Davis, which almost resulted in a duel.) {K: at Corinth, Oct 4, 1862}
   Maj. Hal. G. Runnels

Girardey's Georgia Battery (Washington Artillery)     [114] Capt. Isadore P. Girardey 
   Pvt Thomas L. Bayne, 5th Co.(w. severly right arm. Discharged)
  {Capt of Arty in VA under brother-in-law, Gen Gorgas. Chief of foreign supplies.In 1865 accompanied CSA govt transfer from Richmond.}


Clanton's Alabama (1st) Regiment  [00] Col. James H. Clanton (w)
 {B-Gen, spring 1863}
Not to be confused with 6th Alabama or Clanton's brigade.


Maj. Gen. William J. Hardee (w - slightly - "coat rent with balls")
{Wrote "Infantry Tactics"  64 and "Arty Division Drill".}
[K 404, W 1936, M 141]


Maj. W. D. Pickett  (Adj Gen)
Francis A. Shoup (Chief of Artillery massed arty at Hornet's Nest)
{B-Gen Sept 62. Taught math at U of Miss, Rectar}
Lieut. Wm. Kearney (Inspect Gen), Maj. L. O. Bridewell (QM)
Surgeon G. W. Lawrence
?Capt. John H. Kelly (Adjutant-gen)
{B-Gen Nov 63. Wheeler's Cav. K: near Franlin, TN Aug 20, 1864.}

First Brigade
Brig. Gen. Thomas C. Hindman
(w- Horse cut in half by Chicago Arty.)
{Mex W, US Congress. Sept 28, 61 B-Gen. April 18, 62- M-Gen.
W: Kennesaw Mtn. k: 1868 by unknow assailant.}
Col. R. G. Shaver, 7th Arkansas (w)
(Shaver led brigade, armed with flintlocks, and Swett's Arty into first assault at Shiloh.)

2d Arkansas  [600] Col. Daniel C. Govan  (Arkansas planter)
  {B-Gen c. Jonesboro, Sept 64. Exchanged. PW April 65}
   Maj. Reuben F. Harvey

6th Arkansas  [500] Col. Alexander T. Hawthorn 
    Pvt Henry M. Stanley( age 19) {later became Sir Henry Morton Stanley}
[6th & 7th AR were consolidated soon after Shiloh.]
7th Arkansas  [700] Lieut.-Col. John M. Dean (k)
   Maj. James T. Martin
[6th & 7th AR were consolidated soon after Shiloh.]
3d Confederate  [300] Col. John S. Marmaduke
Warren Light Artillery,
(Swett's Mississippi Battery)
Capt. Charles Swett   [4S6LB-2H12LB]
Pillow's Flying Artillery,
(Miller's Tennessee Battery)
Capt. Miller   [2S6LB-2H12LB-2R3IN]

Second Brigade
Brig. Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne
[2,750 men:  K&W 1000, M 32]

15th Arkansas  [400] Lieut. Col. Archibald K. Patton (k)
   Major J. T. Harris (k - shot dead)
   1st Lieut. Lucius E. Polk, Co B. (w-gallantry)
    {kin to Gen Polk. April 11-Col. Dec 13, 62-B-Gen. Kennesaw Mtn severly wounded when Gen Polk killed.}

6th Mississippi  [425] Col. John J. Thornton (w)
 Capt. W. A. Harper
  Maj. Robert Lowry {CO of 6th Miss after Shiloh. B-Gen Feb 65. Gov of Miss 1881 & 1885.}
425 men, lost 300.
2d Tennessee  [365] Col. William B. Bate (w: 3 times) {B-Gen Oct 62. Gov of Tennessee 1882, 1884. US Senator 1893}
   Lieut. Col. David L. Goodall
   Lieut. Col. James A. Smith {B-Gen after Chickmauga}
   Maj W. R. Doak  (k)
   Capts Joseph P. Tyree & Humphrey Bate (k)
    Lieuts E.R. Cryer, J. A. Akers & G. C. Fugitt (k)
see other 2nd TN in Cheaham's 2nd Division, First Brigade
5th (35th) Tennessee  [369] Col. Benjamin J. Hill {B-Gen Nov 64}
23d Tennessee  [578] Lieut. Col. James F. Neill (w - gallantry)
   Maj. Robert Cantrell

24th Tennessee  [400] Lieut. Col. Thomas H. Peebles (gallantry)


(Shoup's Battalion)

Trigg's (Austin) Arkansas Battery  [76] Capt. John T. Trigg    [2S6LB-2H12LB]
Calvert's (Helena) Arkansas Battery  [76] Capt. J. H. Calvert    [2S6LB-2H12LB]
Hubbard's Arkansas Battery  [76] Capt. George T. Hubbard   [2S6LB-2R3IN]


Third Brigade
Brig. Gen. Sterling A. M. Wood (w)
{w: Perryville. Resigned 1 year later, angry over lack of recognition.}
Col. William K. Patterson,  temporary command

16th Alabama  [300] Lieut. Col. John W. Harris(sick)
   Major Helvenston (w)
Captured 6 guns.
8th Arkansas  [280] Col. William K. Patterson
9th (14th) Arkansas (Battalion)  [140] Maj. John H. Kelly
3d Mississippi Battalion  [280] Maj. Aaron B. Hardcastle First skirmish at 5:00am on 6th.
27th Tennessee  [350] Col. Christopher H. Williams (k- shot in chest)
   Lieut-Col Brown (w-seriously)
   Maj Samuel T. Love (k - while serving under Cheatam)
  Capt Hearn & Lieut Henry (k)

44th Tennessee  [250] Col. Coleman A. McDaniel (recognized for gallantry) Captured battery
55th Tennessee  [280] Col. James L. McKoin
Harper's (Jefferson Mississippi) Battery  [76] Capt. William L. Harner (w)
   Lieut. Put Darden
Georgia Dragoons  [0] Capt. Isaac W. Avery

Brig. Gen. John C. Breckinridge
{Senator, V-President of USA in 1856,
Candidate for Presdient, 1860.}


Capt. George B. Hodge, Adjt-Gen.
(promoted Major after Shiloh for gallantry)
{B-Gen, Aug 2,64. Comm SW Miss & E. La }

Aide Richard C. Morgan
{promoted Major in Gen A.P. Hill's staff}

First Brigade
Col. Robert P. Trabue, 4th Kentucky

4th Alabama (Clifton's) Battalion   [200] Maj. James M. Clifton Reorganized as 55th AL, made up of Snodgrass' and Norwood's battaltions.
31st Alabama(49th)  [300] Lieut.-Col. Montgomery Gilbreath

31st AL was confused with Col D. Hunley's 31st AL and also known as 49th AL. First known as Hale's 31st AL.
3d Kentucky  [400] Lieut. Col. Benjamin Anderson(w) Lost 174 men
4th Kentucky  [431] Lieut. Col. Andrew R. Hynes (w)
   Major Thomas B. Monroe, Jr (k)
   Adjt Forman & Lieut. Dooley (k)
Lost  213 men.
Kty Gov George W. Johnson fell in ranks of Co E
5th Kentucky  [400] Col. Thomas H. Hunt Lost 134 men. Exchanged muskets for Enfields after capturing enemy camps.
6th Kentucky  [400] Col. Joseph H. Lewis (formed 6th Kty.) (w, 2 horses killed)
{B-Gen. Sept 30, 63. Cleburne Div.  Escort of President Davis when captured. Law, Court of Appeals}
   Lieut-Col Cofer (w) {Chief Justice}
   Capt. W. Lee Harned (w- mortally)
Lost 108 men.
Crew's Tennessee Battalion  [200] Lieut.-Col. James M. Crews
Lyon's (Cobb's) Kentucky Battery   [114] Capt. Robert Cobb  [4S6LB-2H12LB]
Lost 37 men.
Byrne's Mississippi Battery  [113] Capt. Edward P. Byrne   [5S6LB-2H12LB]
Lost 14 men.
Morgan's Squadron, Kentucky's Cavalry  [100] Capt. John H. Morgan
??  [6th & 9th Kty exchanged muskets for Enfields after capturing enemy camps.]

Second Brigade
Brig. Gen. John S. Bowen (w)
{Maj-Gen. Vicksburg- Sick with dysentery & died July 63 at age 33}
Col. John D. Martin

9th Arkansas  [400] Col. Isaac L. Dunlop 
    Lieut M. A. Duckworth (k-gallantry)
     Sergt. Ford, color guard (k)
[ 17 killed, 115 w ]
10th Arkansas  [400] Col. Thomas D. Merrick
2nd Confederate (25th Miss)  [300] Col. John D. Martin {Brigade CO.  K: Oct 3 Corinth}
   Lieut-Col McGhee (w-severly)
   Maj. Thomas H. Mangum

1st Missouri  [500] Col. Lucius L. Rich
Pettus Flying Artillery
(Hudson's Mississippi Battery)  [114]
Capt. Alfred Hudson   [2S6LB-2H12LB-2R3IN]
Watson's Louisiana Battery  [114] Capt. Daniel Beltzhoover   [4R6LB-2H12LB]
Thompson's Company, Kentucky Cavalry  [50] Capt. Phil B. Thompson

Third Brigade
Col. Winfield S. Statham, 15th Mississippi

15th Mississippi  [300] Maj. William F. Brantley
22d Mississippi  [400] Col. Frank Schaller(w-severly)
   Lieut-Col James S. Prestidge
Lieut-Col Schaller and a major wounded, another Lieut-Col & 3 Captains killed.
19th Tennessee  [400] Col. David H. Cummings (w)
     Capt. Z. T. Willett 
     Capt. Thomas H. Walker (w)

20th Tennessee  [300] Col. Joel A. Battle (c)
   _ Thomas B. Smith {B-Gen July 64. C: Nashville}
Evidence suggests that the volley that struck Gen. A.S. Johntson from the rear was fired from Enfield rifle from this unit.
28th Tennessee  [300] Lieut.-Col. Uriah T. Brown
45th Tennessee  [300] Lieut.-Col. Ephraim F. Lytle
Rutledge's Tennessee Battery  [114] Capt. Arthur M. Rutledge   [4S6LB-2H12LB]
[15th MS & 19th TN were the only two regiments that engaged enemy at Fishing Creek, Jan 19,1862, when Gen Zollicoffer was killed.]


Forrest's Regiment Tennessee Cavalry  [785] Col. Nathan B. Forrest (w)
    (Last casualty. Charged within 50 yds of Union lines alone, shot in back and escaped.   Horse died 8 days later, Forrest reported back for duty April 29.)
3rd Tennessee Cavalry
Wharton's Texas(8th) Regiment Cavalry  [700] Col. John A. Wharton (w)
(family ties with TN & TX.)
{B-Gen Nov 62. Killed April 65 by altercation with Gen Baylor.}
  Major Thomas Harrison {Brigade CO at Chickamauga. B-Gen Jan 65}

Wirt Adams's Mississippi Regiment  [600] Cavalry, Col. Wirt Adams (brother to Col Daniel W. Adams) {B-Gen}
McClung's (Caswell's) Tennessee  Battery  [76] Capt. Hugh L. W. McClung   [2S6LB-2Nap12LB]
Roberts Arkansas Battery
(Clarke County)  [00]
Capt. Franklin Roberts   [2S6LB-2H12LB]


Basically Green is info dated before Shiloh, Red relates to the battle and Blue is info dating after the battle.  And [square brackets] relates to the regiment and (parenthesis) or {parenthesis} relates to the commanders, before and after the battle.

(Pre-Shiloh)-  Info dates prior to the battle.  Ex. (Lieut-Col Mex War. physician & politician.)

<>(Shiloh)-  Info about battle of Shiloh.  Ex:  (w-mortally) = mortally wounded

{Post-Shiloh}- Info dates them after the battle, including promotions or after the War.
 [Regiment history]- Details about the regiment.  For example:
  [K 404, W 1936, M 141]  is a list of the total casualties for this division or corps.
[328] - strength of the regiment prior to battle

(Pre-Shiloh)-  Info dates prior to the battle.  Ex. (Lieut-Col Mex War. physician & politician.)
(Shiloh)-  Info about battle of Shiloh.  Ex:  (w-mortally) = mortally wounded
{Post-Shiloh}- Info dates them after the battle, including promotions or after the War.

Artillery CodesIndicates Quantity and bore size
      4S6LB  -  4 x 6-lb Smoothbore
      2H12LB -  2 x 12-lb Howitzers
     1R 3IN  -  1 x 3-inch Rifles
      2Nap12LB  -   2 x 12-lb Napoleon

 k - killed,     w- wounded,     c - captured,   m - missing
C or PW - Captured or taken prisoner.
gallantry - Recognized for gallantry.  Any "quotes" are from official records.
2 horses - Number of horses shot during battle.  An indication of involvement.
USMA 1857 - Graduated US Military Academy 1857.
MexWar - previous service in Mexican War 1846-1848.
B-Gen - promoted to general, date of promotion
2nd Confederate(25th Mississippi) - Indicates name of unit was later changed.  Some artillery and cavalry were known by the name of their commander, which changed quite often.

  "It remains to state that our loss on the two days, in killed outright, was 1,728; wounded, 8,012, and missing, 959; making an aggregate of casualties, 10,699.    This sad list tells in simple language of the stout fight made by our countrymen in front of the rude log  chapel of Shiloh, especially when it is known that on Monday, from exhaustion and other causes, not 20,000 men on our side could be brought into action."                       (Beauregard's report)