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Dated: Feb 15, 2007

Revision History    for my Custermen & Dixieboys web page.
Minor changes, such as correcting Links and altering photos to fit page, will not be documented as a revision.
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2/15/07-    This page was lost.  Which meant that I have not updated it for a long time.  Since I registered my website, I have been editing it with Netscape 7.2 and uploading with FileZilla.  It is much easier and faster so I just don't update this page.  I have transferred a few more pages from AOL to my new site.  For the last few months I have been struggling with a new design for displaying photos that will make it easy to see and flip thru them.  I just can't decide on how to do this.

6/23/05  I took the plunge!  My website if now registered as custermen.com.  Nothing has changed with the pages.  I may start upgrading some of the menu pages or large files and putting them on the same server.  Have worked on changes to info on the uniforms.  New additions include unit histories of 3rd, 34th, and 36th Divisions and 442 RCT that came from the booklets given out to the soldiers at the end of the war.  I drew up some of the maps from the 85th booklet and added it to the history of 85th Division.

1/8/05  Another year has begun.  Latest changes over the holidays included a new biography was added.  The patches used on this page was updated to more realistic images.  Created one new page that will descibe the US Army uniform and will include descriptions of Medals & Ribbons, Insignia, DUI pins and Proficiency Badges, so as to help people identify what they have in their collection.  The US Divisions Reference Table will now just have the cross-reference table of regiments and divisions.  Updated the info on the DUI pin for the 328FA.  I finally found the pin issued for my Dad's unit.

12/8/04  This summer was a little busy---I think I lost 2 or 3 months somewhere.  Most of the work was making minor corrections and a few small additioins.  I scanned and typed up the history of the 5th Army advance from Rome to the Arno River.  It turned out to be 18 pages of printed text--a little large for a website.  But, hey, that is what I want in my site and those very little info on those 2 or 3 months.  I scanned one of my maps and added arrows showing troop movments.  This will take more work dividing it into mutiple pages before it can be loaded.  My Mail Bag page is getting too long, too.  I plan to add a new page for 2005.

6/23/04  Finally, I added PX Store page to sell books, patches and extra militaria items in order to support this website.   So, lately, I've been diligently shopping for extra booklets printed during WW2 to sell.   Recieved an email with a collection of digital photos on the Mussolini execution.  Since then, I have found this one photo which has the names written above each of the 7 victims on several websites. Updated my Army Maps page to add the 3 new ones.
     I've completed another item on the TO-Do list in past few months.  I've added examples of DUI pins to my website.  It is currently on the page of US Divisions Reference Table.  I may have to create a new page on American uniforms and pay and other small details.

4/30/04  This revision page is not my top priority.  I've gotten several emails and photos from contacts with the 328th FA.  I was shocked to receive an email from a guy in Poland who had a grandfather that served with the 328FA in World War I.  He sent me photos taken in 1917---in exchange I sent him a gift.  I revised an existing page that is now called Origin of 328FA.
   I experimented with the new colored header menu.  Then I slowly added them to each page as I had time to revise it.  Several headers had the Map link that was to the  ItalyMap address, which was deleted.  AOL now provides 20MB of webspace per screen name.   Each screen name has an "index" file that automatically opens that file if only the screen name is entered.  The index file for the Head0Class was revised to open up the menu for the GI Biographies.  It is a black screen with photos of various soldiers.  This is viewed by entering: http://members.aol.com/Head0Class ; with no file name.
   I've updated the German Organization page to add a short 25-word unit history of each German division that served in Italy after the fall of Rome.  For my birthday, I hope to buy the new book out that covers the German divisions in Italy.
   I try to keep my webpages simple so that it looks the same for every type of browser.  The layout can change if a viewer has larger fonts selected on his computer, especially if the font 'Variable' is used.  So, I've made changes to several main pages and used Tables in the formatting to control the positioning of the text or images on a page.  That seems to work.
   Created a new Survey page with a form to fill out.  This was easier than I thought but it still needs some work on it.  So far, I have not received any emails generated from it.

2/23/04  Still making small changes to move Maps and group photos back to the new location.  This requires changing the Map Menu link that is on the header of each page.  Updated both MapMenu and ArmyMap pages to show new maps that I've added.  Added links for the Equipment page and other new pages to the top history menu.

1/05/04  Start the New Year with a summary of the changes.  I finally revised some of the links so that it would open in a new window.  Also, made some pages so that images could not be downloaded that easily.  I've added several photos to some of the pages.  Finally included a group photo of another battery of the 328th FA.   Created a page for Equipment, which will focus mainly on vehicles and tools used by artillery units.  I have made many changes during the last 3 months; I just didn't update this page.
   I will be losing two of my AOL screen names: ItalyHistory & ItalyMap.  While I move some of my pages, there may be some missing links.  This will take time to find all the links and edit.
Some ideas for 2004:

  • Page of Merchandise to sale for support of website.
  • Details on each US division, such as dates of combat.
  • Photos or clipart of DUI pins worn by each regiment.
  • A seperate page for uniform & placement of pins & patches.
  • How to read map coordinates.



    8/30/03  Email inquiries from some readers inspired me to add two new pages. Desert Training Center had existed only as a map; now it is a short history of the camps and details of training of the 85th Division.  I had a small page about Camp Shelby and the formation of the 328th FA.  Created a new page on Camp Shelby and the units that trained there. List of KIA's from Paul Brown's Journal was scanned and put into two tables.  This page is very large and can be slow to load because of the size of the table.  Revised Luftwaffe Ground Troops to add photo from Death Cards and a photo of a visor cap.  Also added the cap to the Death Cards page.  After a contact by a 310th Engineer reader, I corrected the missing links in the group photo.  Revised US Army Maps to include some recent acquitions & scans.  I hope to add a page on how to read map coordinates.

    6/15/03  Added a few new biographies, including a British chap and a "fly-boy".  I keep getting distracted from completing more of the biographies that I've had in work. I've received photos and documents from various readers.  One mailed me a copy of the WW2 booklet given to the men of the 91st Division, which I scanned and added to my site.  After someone complained that I was ignoring the French colonials, I added a history of the French Expeditionary Corps.  And I've finally included My Favorite Websites.  Corrected several errors and made additions to my Civil War site, such as the story of my ancestor, Private Henry Cole, and the other members of his family who fought and died.

    3/15/03- My 4th Year!  Several updates on newest pages.  New biographies include PFC Henry Guarnere, the brother to Sgt. Guarnere of the "Band of Brothers" fame and the first non-American soldier.  I hope to add more British and Polish biographies.  Added first draft of Mail Bag page--I'm still not sure about adding a Guest Book.  My goal is to purchase better software and make some original artwork for headers and banners.

    12/30/02-  Added new pages in the History menu: Points, Weapons, Luftwaffe Ground Troops.  Updated Reference Books and added book review for HG Division book.  Added a roster to the Battery B photo with the help of the son of 1st Sgt Bauch.   Added his bio to The Greatest Generation page.  Created pages for each of the 4 composite photos to match the name with the face.  After attending a reunion of the 339th Regiment, I added more stories to the Stories from the Front page and plan to add more photos, later.  Updated Glossary to add a few more words and some translation of German words

    11/27/02-  Several minor updates.  Began adding the "Menu Selection" in size 8 font across the top of each page.  This will take sometime to complete for all pages which has reached a total of 50.

    09/6/02-  Several minor updates.   Added more books; I'm getting behind on reading my books.  I've added the header with all the major menus at the top of the pages.  I'm trying to get some pages ready for the Polar Bear Association reunion in October.

    07/31/02-  Added page of examples of Army maps issued to troops, which is a sub-page from Maps page.  Within a few days, I received emails from people who were doing research on areas of Italy.

    04/8/02-  Several pages updated.   New additions include the History of the 1st Armored Division that I scanned from the booklet issued to the troops.  I've been working on the Main menu of The History of the Italian Campaign.  It has the history divided into 5 time periods with a short explanation and links to pages within my website.  Added a British Army Organization page and updated the other organization pages.   My Reference Book page got scrambled somehow, so I had to re-create it.  Also added newest books.
     Recieved an email from Bonnie, whose father was a member of my Dad's unit.  She sent me several photos and a group photo of HQ Battery, which was just added this week.
     Have received several emails from readers interested in my website.  I need to set up (a) a counter and (b) a guest book.  Sounds like a lot of trouble.  I found out how to make a link open a new window.  Plan to use that, especially when calling up Maps and big photos.
    My daughter gave me two AOL screen names for my use:  ItalyHistory & ItalyMap.  All my big maps were moved to ItalyMap.  Gives me more space to grow.  My other AOL screen names include:
                               Stevec01e Custermen Custermen85 & ItalyWW2

    02/18/02-  Created History.htm, a prototype of History page.  Currently have a Menu page(Menu.htm - link at top of this page) that links all the details pages about the 85th Div and units.  I'm trying to make a History of Italian Campaign that will give a time-line history of the events of the campaign.  Also corrected links to Library and History on the SiteMap and Menu pages.
      Another AOL user has loaned me one of their screen names to use.  This is workable but cumbersome to manage.  Moving my Maps to there but keeping the menu (Maps.htm) on the ItalyWW2site.

    02/12/02-  Heavy maintenance on all the links during last 2 weeks--still finding bad links, even on Site Map. Had to relocate a few minor pages to allow for space to have page and photo in same folder.  Added new pages: Maps of Itallian Campaign, Group Photo of Co D, 337th Regiment, Desert Warfare Center.  Updated Site Map with Names under The Greatest Generation.

    02/04/02- Expanded summary for start of new year.  Finally; I've expunged all references to Topcities.com.  That file server got so bad that when a site was opened up with that address, it would open at least 6 or 7 new windows of advertisements.
       During Christmas and January, I've been busy putting the files back into order on all my AOL screen names and correcting all links. I've tried to categorize my pages and upload to AOL screen name accordingly.  In order to obtain more file server space on AOL, I had to register one page per screen name onto their AOL Hometown.  So, I have some Menu's that are duplicated; one for Hometown and one not.
       Many of the pages that were transferred from Topcities.com to AOL, still had some links that had the Topcities.com address.  There were some links in my SiteMap that said they were one thing and linked to another or a duplicate URL.  Several pages lost links to Photos that were stored external to the file's local folder.  Most of these photo links have been corrected.  I've added more terrific photos that were sent to me from veterans and a couple of friends in Italy.
      The History of the 85th Division, "Minturno to the Appennines" has been edited and some missing paragraphs and sub-section headers added.  Also added New photos of the cover of the booklet, General Coulter, and a WW1 uniform with CD patch.  Much improved.
      I've expanded The Greatest Generation to add some New biographies.  I am still interviewing a few veterans for more.  Look for Private Patterson.   Private Harry Thompson's is coming soon.  New page on Desert Warfare Training camps in CA that is a sub-page to 85th Division history.
       This week I received 3 emails from people who found my website and had questions about their father's unit.  I referred them to my New table of US Divisions and corresponding Regiments, FA Battalions and Engineering Companies.  Its linked from US Allies Organizational page.  I've re-checked table for typos and can't find any.

    01/30/02AOL is having problems.  You can get a message when trying to open a website; "File Server Busy- try Resend or try later" or "Contains No Data". AOL informed me they were working on this problem.

    End of CY 2001
    10/01/01    Changing all my files back to AOL.  Created 2 new screen names: ItalyWW2 & Custermen85.  These will be used for WW2 related webpages.   TopCities.com[www.topcities.com] is worthless.  While re-organizing, I am working hard on a new Main Menu for History of Italian Campaign and preparing for later pages with Maps and other info.  Right now, all the menu pages are real basic without any fancy artwork.  I hope that will change as soon as I get the basic menus linked to each other.  Some of the pages that were on AOL have been relocated.
    I've done alot of work on biographies for "The Greatest Generation".  I've added new pages on Allied Units to include organizational tables and a lot of info on Italian army on both sides.  Currently the WW2 Books page has the photos removed until I can get some artwork that will load faster.

    6/05/01    Added a draft of my new page of biographies of soldiers, called "The Greatest Generation".

    6/01/01    Over the months I have performed several updates to Reference Library and added photos provided by Mr. McCloud and Walker.  Now, I'm moving all my files from TopCitites.com back to AOL(see Lessons Learned, below). This may cause some Links to have errors.

    12/05/99    Linked from AOL to TopCities.  More will be moved and linked later.

    11/23/99  Opened an account with TopCities.com.  Transferred Custermen files to there.

    10/15   Added many books to my WW2 List of Books.  Began adding photos, also.

    7 / 1-18  Various changes.  Primary change added group photo of Battery B of 328th Field Artillery.  Too many interruptions.

    6/18  Created Menu buttons for Custermen & Dixieboys and moved Site Map to seperate page.  I'm trying to get some art work added to layout.  Doesn't come out clear enough.

    6/06/99   Cleaned up some of the links from the major revision.  Added more Photos to WW1 Photos and added more to both WW1 & WW2 Reference Books.  (See Lessons Learned)

    May 15 - 25, 1999  MAJOR Revision.  Reduced size of Main Menu into sub-menus for each topic(WW2, WW1 and Civil War).  Created 2 new AOL screen names to store files.  Created a WW1 Aviation page with 3 links.  Added collection of my Dad's WW2 Photos from Italian Front-never before published.  This major revision may cause problems with links for awhile--be patient.

        My web page was selected as feature page on AOL Geneology and I was asked to not make changes for 1 week.

    4/05/99 - Added 2 more Ops Report. Uploaded Stories again and added Bronze Star story.
    4/02/99  - New Allied Units of Italian Campaign.
               New Revision History to keep a log of changes to web page.
               Added more info to 328th FA Op Reports and Personal Recollections.
               Added more WW1 photos using thumbnails.
    3/27/99  - New History of 328th Field Artillery Battalion including Operational Reports and
              New Personal Recollections of Sgt Cole.
    3/26/99  - Added artwork to header and WW2 Web Ring and Counter at bottom.
    3/25/99  - Revised formats of pages and added more Links in Personal Info and more photos.
    3/15/99  - Initial installation of web-page.

    Lessons Learned

    6/6/99  The main menu link to my web page was one of the pages that was put into AOL Hometown.  After I made several changes, including deleting this file and adding its replacement, then my web page would not work.  The Home.html file would not open and other files would not link.  Then one day, I deleted all of my files I had put on AOL Hometown, and everything worked.  You  might notice that Hometown changes your file's address to insert either "hometown" or something like "/_ht_b".  This can really mess the links up.  I can't get anyone at AOL to explain it.

    6/3/99  Hometown AOL has some volunteer helpers whose screen names with prefix of "HMTWN".  They can help you with your web page.

    6/01/01  If its sounds too good to be true then it is.  www.topcities.com was a free web space that made it easy to upload files.  Great.  But then they changed their site so that their files could not be accessed from other file servers--I think it was to prevent copying files.  Anyway, for some reason I could not even access my own website from my computer at work.  Then when I was working on some files, I keep getting pop-up windows that were a real nuisance.  Now, I am swapping all my files back to AOLAOL now provides 7 Screen Names with 7MB per name if you register a file on their Hometown from each screen name--not big deal.  They promised I would have access to 84MB, total.

    Oct 2001.  Forget www.topcities.com .  This free server was great when I first started using it to store my webpage files.  Then it began to block links from other servers.  Now when you access their server, it opens one window after another until you logoff.

    Jan 2002.  I have problems with Netscape that I have to work-around.  When I edited a page in Composer and insert a photo that is at another address, then when I go to save the page, Composer tries to save the photo into the same folder.  I need to conserve space on file server and want to link to my other folders.  I also use WORD to edit my pages and sometimes that re-arranges my formatting.

    Mar 2002.  Learned how to make a link open up in a new window.  Will try to insert this in some pages later.

     If for some reason a link doesn't work, then refer to the Site Map to find a page.  Email me any problems you find.
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