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Dated:  Oct 26, 2012

Texas Confederate Cemetery

in Enterprise, Mississippi

Reference Source- a Texas genealogy publication: "Our Heritage", Vol 29, No. 3, April 1988.

  The following list of Confederate dead include 241 soldiers who were buried while being treated at a Texas Hospital near Enterprise, MS.  The Texas Hospital was active during years 1862-1864, until it was burned by Gen. Sherman's troops during their destruction of railroad and govenment facilities in Quitman.  All dates of deaths begin in June 1862 and end around Nov. 1863.
   This burial grounds were re-dedicated in 1987 by laying of white, unmarked crosses.  The names of the dead are known but none of the graves were never marked so as to know who was buried at which location.

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NO.     SURNAME        NAME            COMPANY   UNIT                  LIST

  1   ARMSTRONG        Wm. P.              C   10th Texas Cav.           A
  2   ADAMS            E. B.               K   27th Texas Cav            A
  3   ATKINS           Hezekiah J.         A   12th Lousiana             A
  4   BROWN            Wm. T.              G   39th Alabama              A
  5   BEAM             Rudy E.             G   55th Alabama              A
  6   CONOLEY          David D.            I   39th Alabama              A
  7   CRUDUP           Cullen A.           H   32nd Texas Cav            A
  8   CHANEY           Alex                I   27th Texas Cav            A
  9   CREED            Allen J.            D    9th Arkansas             A
 10   DAVIS            J. R.               E    3rd Texas Cav            A
 11   ESPEY            Chas. J., Cpl       G   43rd Georgia              A
 12   FRAME            Prior               D   12th Louisana             A
 13   FLANNIGAN        James H.            H    2nd Texas Cav            A
 14   FULLER           D. W.               D    1st Bn, Texas S. S.      A
 15   FOX              Thos.               K   40th Alabama              A
 16   GRILLEY          John J.             H    2nd Texas                A
 17   GRIGSBY          Wm.                 C   14th Texas Cav            A
 18   GREEN            Wm.                 F    6th Texas Cav            A
 19   GAMBLE           John L.             H   16th Arkansas             A
 20   GARRETT          Jos. K., Sgt        A    2nd Texas                A

 21   HENSON           Jerry A.            I    3rd Texas Cav            A
 22   HAUWOOD          A. P.               A    3rd Texas Cav            A
 23   HERMAN           Jos., Sgt           A    2nd Texas                A
 24   HOLLAND          Mathew              G   39th Alabama              A
 25   HOLLY            John                I   39th Alabama              A
 26   HENRY            Wm. P.              L   27th Texas Cav            A
 27   HUGHES           R. Henry            A   27th Texas Cav            A
 28   JONES            Pinckney L.         F   39th Alabama              A
 29   JOLLY            J. S.               I    2nd Texas                A
 30   KIRBY            Jasper N.           G    2nd Texas                A
 31   KING             John                I   16th Arkansas             A
 32   LEWIS            James               C    9th Texas Cav            A
 33   McGLANN          Wm. M.              H   39th Alabama              A
 34   NICHOLS          A. M.               G    2nd Texas                A
 35   ODELL            P. H.               K    2nd Texas                A
 36   OVERSTREET       Thos. H.            D    7th Btn Miss.            A
 37   POWELL           Jesse               B   Waul's Texas Legion       A
 38   PEOPLES          David H.            I   27th Texas Cav            A
 39   PRICKETT         Ales M., Sgt        K    3rd Texas Cav            A
 40   RYAN             Dan'l               H   24th Alabama              A

 41   SHARMAN          J. A.               K   32nd Texas Cav            A
 42   SMITH            Newton J.           E   27th Texas Cav            A
 43   STRONG           Chas. S.            H    6th Arkansas             A
 44   TAYLOR           James               A   37th Mississippi          A
 45   WEED             Benjamin            -    2nd Texas                B
 46   MOORE            W. B.               -    2nd Texas                B
 47   FROST            W. C.               -   50th Tennessee            B
 48   FIFE             B. C.               -    4th Louisana Bty         B
 49   GILBERT          W. D.               -   19th Tennessee            B
 50   MELCHKE          M.                  -    2nd Texas Legion Infty   B
 51   JOLLY            J. S.               -    2nd Texas                B
 52   MOON             W. B.               -    2nd Texas                B
 53   SPOCHLAR         T. H.               -    7th Kentucky Infty       B
 54   LEWIS            Wiley               K   31st Mississippi          B
 55   AMBLETON         Jeremiah A.         G   17th Louisana             C
 56   ADAMS            D. B.               I   32nd Texas Cav            C
 57   ALLEN            B. S., Sgt          A   50th Tennessee            C
 58   ANDERS           Harper B.           K   44th Mississippi          C
 59   ALLEN            John                B   32nd Texas Cav            C
 60   ADAMS            David Sumter        D   19th S. Carolina          C

 61   BROWN            James F.            D   31st Mississippi          C
 62   BISHOP           Henry J.            D   39th N. Carolina          C
 63   BANKS            Wm. Henry           D   19th S. Carolina          C
 64   BROGDEN          John                K   19th S. Carolina          C
 65   BURGESS          Peter               I   39th N. Carolina          C
 66   BELCHER          J. W.               B   39th Georgia              C
 67   BAKER            David G., Sgt       D   14th(Power's) Arkansas    C
 68   BROOKS           Jack R.             B   14th Mississippi          C
 69   BROCK            David               D   28th Alabama              C
 70   BARTH            Frederick S.        A   10th S. Carolina          C
 71   BLUNT            James H.            -   Douthat's Lt. Arty, VA    C
 72   BUMGARNER        P. M.               A   32nd Texas Cav            C
 73   BOZORTH          Jos.                A   4th Missouri              C
 74   BUMPASS          Wm. H.              B   4th Missouri              C
 75   BROOKINGS        James               E   57th Georgia              C
 76   BALLARD          A. A.               D   37th Mississippi          C
 77   BOSTICK          Newton J.           E   44th Mississippi          C
 78   BARR             Wm. J.              G   43rd Georgia              C
 79   BOOKER           James               E   29th Georgia              C
 80   BEASLEY          Jos. W., Cpl        B   57th Georgia              C

 81   BEASLEY          John                G   19th Alabama              C
 82   BOSWICK          James               H   19th S. Carolina          C
 83   BRUCE            John Daniel         D   19th S. Carolina          C
 84   BROCK            Thos.               H    8th Btn, Georgia Infy    C
 85   CARTER           W. J.               H   10th Texas Cav            C
 86   CURTIS           Wm. H.              C   30th Mississippi          C
 87   CLARK            C. L. H.            -   Tobin's Lt. Arty, Tenn    C
 88   CALLETT          Ezekiel P.          G   43rd Georgia              C
 89   CATES            James P.            F   41st Tennessee            C
 90   COLLIER          Wm. H. B.           I   32nd Texas Cav            C
 91   COYLE            John                G   16th Louisana             C
 92   CASTON           James A.            A   44th Mississippi          C
 93   CARLTON          Lewis C.            E   14th(Power's) Arkansas    C
 94   CUMMINS          Wm. Jos.            K   14th(Power's) Arkansas    C
 95   COOK             Henry R.            I   27th Texas Cav            C
 96   COURSE           John                A    4th Missouri             C
 97   CRANE            Wm.                 L   43rd Georgia              C
 98   CLYBURN          John B.             A   22nd Mississippi          C
 99   DAY              David W.            K    3rd Texas Cav            C
100   DAY              R. H.               B   1st/4th Missouri          C

101   DWYER, LTCOL     Rbt. D. A.,         -    2nd Missouri             C
102   DeWITT           Chas. B.            I   10th Texas Cav            
103   DANY             Henry K.            G    4th Missouri             C
104   DEAN             Dalaware            F   37th Mississippi          C
105   DUNCAN           M. C., Sgt          K    7th Texas                C
106   DENNY            Pinckney Demarcus   D   19th S. Carolina          C
107   DOXEY            James W.            F    5th Missouri             C
108   DAVIS            John                H   25th Arkansas             C
109   ELLIDGE          S. W.               H   10th Texas Cav            C
110   ELGIN            Meredith            I   19th S. Carolina          C
111   FRANKLIN         John                C   19th S. Carolina          C
112   FINNEY           Randall             I   29th Georgia              C
113   FUNDERBURGH      Oyer O.             K    3rd Texas Cav            C
114   FARMER           Thos. F.            E    2nd Texas                C
115   FEASTER          Lorenzo F., Cpl     F   19th S. Carolina          C
116   GREGORY          James R., Cpl       A    4th Missouri             C
117   GARRITY          Frank               C    8th Btn, LA Hvy Arty     C
118   GERBASH          Geo.                E    1st(Strawbridge's) LA    C
119   GALLAGHER        George W.           A   31st Alabama              C
120   GAMBLE           John L.             H   16th Arkansas             C

121   GUIN             J. F.               A   50th Tennessee            C
122   GARRETT          Jos. K., Sgt        D   16th Arkansas             C
123   HOLLIDAY         A. C.               A   30th Mississippi          C
124   HINDS            Michael             -   Merrin's Btry, MS Lt Arty C
125   HOLLINGSHEAD     Jacob A.            D    8th Mississippi          C
126   HAIR             John C.             B   19th Tennessee            C
127   HOLT             R. H.               C   46th Mississippi          C
128   HOPKINS          W. T.               B   23rd Alabama              C
129   HANEY            Wilson P.,Sgt       K   19th S. Carolina          C
130   HILLARD          John                E   29th Georgia              C
131   HARRIS           John S.             A    5th Georgia              C
132   HALLMAN          Henry               F   19th S. Carolina          C
133   HERIN            Jeremiah J.         A   19th S. Carolina          C
134   HEATHCOCK        W. J.               A   43rd Georgia              C
135   HEATH            Thos. S.            I   27th Texas Cav            C
136   HARRIS           Rbt. T.             H   27th Louisana             C
137   HEATH            Emanuel M.          G   17th Alabama              C
138   HOLLOWAY         Edw. S.             E   37th Mississippi          C
139   IVY              Sterling M.         D    5th Georgia              C
140   JARVIS           W. J.               B   46th Alabama              C

141   JONES            James S.            G   19th S. Carolina          C
142   JACKSON          John F.             K   19th S. Carolina          C
143   JACKSON          Sam'l C.            B   4th Missouri              C
144   JOHNSTON         John W.             E   19th Louisana             C
145   JOHNSTON         Saml K., 2nd LT     C    3rd(Clack's) Tennessee   C
146   JOHNSON          Wm                  H   19th S. Carolina          C
147   JONES            Russell             I   43rd Georgia              C
148   KING             A. L. C.            A    7th Kentucky Mtd. Infty  C
149   KELLY            E., Sgt             K   50th Tennessee            C
150   LOWRIMORE        James B.            E   31st Alabama              C
151   LUSK             Larkin              K   44th Mississippi          C
152   LILLIE           Thos.               B    2nd Texas                C
153   LONDON           Jos. M.             E    3rd(Clack's) Tennessee   C
154   LOTT             Jessee A.           A   19th S. Carolina          C
155   MOON             Wm. E.              H   43rd Georgia              C
156   MUIR             Dugley H.(F.)      H/F  2nd Missouri              C
157   McFARLAND        Wm. J.              G   5th Missouri              C
158   McCRAY           Dan'l               A   1st Missouri Cav          C
159   MORRELL          James T.            E   2nd Missouri              C
160   MERCHANT         Jefferson           G   16th Louisana             C

161   MARTIN           John                I    1st Miss. Lt. Arty       C
162   MITHCELL         Wm.                 E   20th Mississippi          C
163   MORELAND         Barnes              K    1st Miss. Lt. Arty       C
164   MAXEY            James F.            K   16th Arkansas             C
165   MAYNOR           John F.             F   10th Texas                C
166   McCOOL           James               H   27th Texas Cav            C
167   MACLE            Jos.                B    2nd Texas                C
168   MONTGOMERY       Rbt. B.             K   19th Alabama              C
169   MOODY            James Henry         C   35th Alabama              C
170   McCURRY          S. S.               G   19th S. Carolina          C
171   McGRILL          Wm. B.              C   10th Texas                C
172   MEALING          Drury               B   19th S. Carolina          C
173   NEAL             James H.            H   10th Texas                C
174   PORTER           Thos.               D   56th Georgia              C
175   PALMER           J. R.               B   10th Texas                C
176   PHELPS           Henderson D.        F   12th Louisana             C
177   PETTY            Jos. E.             D   1st Missouri Cav          C
178   PAGE             Benj. F., Cpl       H   4th Missouri              C
179   PERKINS          W. H. H.            I   4th Missouri              C
180   PRATT            Milton              E   4th Missouri              C

181   PLUNKET          John D.             H   37th Mississippi          C
182   PEERSON          Jerry M.            H   14th(Power's) Arkansas    C
183   PYLANT           Jos., Cpl           F   19th S. Carolina          C
184   RIPLEY           Edw.                B   19th S. Carolina          C
185   REDDISH          Joshua              E   29th Georgia              C
186   RICH             Henry               F   23rd Alabama              C
187   RUSSELL          Franklin            F   29th Mississippi          C
188   RUTLEDGE         Sanford             G   42nd Alabama              C
189   RHODES           John W.             D   37th Mississippi          C
190   RICHARDSON       Wm. H.              G   10th Texas                C
191   ROBINSON         J. A.               I   32nd Texas Cav            C
192   RYAN             R. J.               E   10th Texas                C
193   SHIRLEY          John                A   27th Texas Cav            C
194   SHELTON          Thos. H.            A   50th Tennessee            C
195   SHELTON          James J.            A   50th Tennessee            C
196   SAWYER           Sam'l H., Sgt.      I   44th Mississippi          C
197   STARR            John W.             G   10th Texas                C
198   STUART           J. R.               A   10th Texas                C
199   SANDERS          Henry               I   44th Mississippi          C
200   STROUD           Wm. H.              B   17th Louisana             C

201   SNODGRASS        David, jr, CAPT     D    1st(Colm's) Tennessee    C
202   STEWART          John H.             A    1st(Colm's) Tennessee    C
203   STINNETT         James W.            D    1st(Colm's) Tennessee    C
204   STEELE           James A.            H    2nd Missouri             C
205   STRONG           Chas. S.            H    6th Arkansas             C
206   STOCKWELL        Sam'l               K    1st Florida              C
207   SMITH            Henry, jr           A   43rd Georgia              C
208   TERRY            John H.             C   41st Georgia              C
209   THOMPSON         Henry E.            E   20th Louisana             C
210   TROUSDALE        James               A   10th Texas Cav            C
211   TIMMERMAN        John B., Sgt        K   19th S. Carolina          C
212   TIMMERMAN        J. T.               C   19th S. Carolina          C
213   THOMPSON         Jos. M., 1st LT     B    3rd(Clack's) Tennessee   C
214   TERRILL          D. W.               K   30th Tennessee            C
215   TARWATER         Thos.               D    1st Missouri Cav         C
216   TAYLOR           John H.             I   20th Alabama              C
217   TAYLOR           John                C   3rd Btn Missouri Cav      C
218   THOMPSON         Edw. M.             C   3rd Btn Missouri Cav      C
219   VICK             Benj. F.            C   42nd Alabama              C
220   WALKER           Milton              C   19th S. Carolina          C

221   WITTEN           S. C.               D    2nd Missouri             C
222   WOOLRING         Rbt.                G    1st Missouri Cav         C
223   WHITE            Bilington           I   10th Texas Cav            C
224   WAMACK           S.                  F   46th Mississippi          C
225   WARDLOW          John                A   15th (N.west)Arkansas     C
226   WAINWRIGHT       James J.            H   14th Mississippi          C
227   WALTON           C. N. M., Cpl       D    7th Btn Miss.            C
228   WHITTLE          Tillman             F   19th S. Carolina          C
229   WINKLE           Sam'l K.            C   3rd Btn Missouri Cav      C
230   WILSON           Thos.               A   Waul's Texas Legion       C
231   WHITE            A. E.               A   10th Texas Cav            C
232   WALKER           John                F    4th Missouri             C
233   WARD(WORD)       Anderson            B    4th Missouri             C
234   WHITE            James Wm.           I   56th Georgia              C
235   YARDLEY          John L., Cpl        E   (?)                       C
236   YOUNG            Lewis W.            -   Douthat's Lt. Arty, VA    C
237   YOUNG            James               K    4th Missouri             C
238   MILLS            William J.          A   24th Mississippi          D
239   BREWER           Matthew W.          F    3rd Alabama              D
240   SHUMAKER         M. V.               B    3rd Louisana             D

241   McGOWAN          J.                  -   (?)   (died 1866)         D


A   Part of Original list compiled.
B   Additional names added to list in 1983.
C   Names compiled in 1987 from Confederate Military Record, N.A.
D   Name found on engraved headstone.

[1] Name of Wiley Lewis added by gr-grandaughter.
    NOTE: Steve Cole saw last letters of W. Lewis from Hospital.

[2] Five members of 19th S. Carolina were Killed or Mortally wounded
    at railroad accident at Enterprise on April 12, 1862.

(?) No unit given.
 -  No company given or regimental staff.

      Hospital was active during years 1862-1864, until it was
    burned by Gen. Sherman's troops during their destruction of
    railroad and govenment facilities in Quitman.  All dates of
    deaths begin in June 1862, soon after begin of seige of
    Vicksburg, and end around Nov. 1863.
       Grounds were re-dedicated in 1987 by laying of white,
    unmarked crosses.

           Abbreviations of Military Terms

      Cpl = Corporal           S S = Sharp Shooters
      Sgt = Sergeant           CAV = Cavalry
      LT  =  Lieutenant        Arty= Artillery
      CAPT= Captain            Bty=  Battery
      LTCOL = Lt. Colonel      Btn=  Battallion

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