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Dated:   April 3, 2007

World War 1 PHOTO  of
Battery HQ

328TH Field Artillery Battalion

WW1 Photo of 328FA, HQ Company
Camp Mills, New York - 1919

    This is a large group photo of Battery HQ of the 328th Field Artillery Battalion.  Photo was taken at Camp Mills, just after their arrival back to the US from serving at the front lines in France.  This photo includes abotu 130 soldiers wearing the standard uniform and steel helmet worn during WW1.  Many of them have the shoulder patch of the 85th "Custer" Infantry Division.

Due to the large format, the photo was divided into 4 composites with some overlap.  Each section can be viewed up close to see faces.  Click to enlarge and photo will open in a seperate window.

Click on image to Enlarge.

  1    2
Section 1
Section 2


                    Section 3 
                  Section 4

      Details of each Composite

   1   First section includes several high-ranking NCO's, but the rank of the front soldier on the right is not visible.

   2 This section includes two officers wearing boots on the front row and one additional officer on each side. 
           The 85th Division shoulder patch is visible on the 3rd soldier from left with moustache.

   3 Includes remainder of Title:  "328th Field Artillery".  Thrid soldier from right has a larger service stripe on Left sleeve
          and a speciality patch under his rank on his Right sleeve.

   4 - Last section includes photo ID #238 and "Camp Mills, N.Y".   

"Snooze" - sketch from Doings of Battery B, 328FA, A.E.F.

Click here to see a similiar group photo of the same unit in 1943:  Go to Battery HQ 1943 .  

For a comparison to the modern GI, check out the Headquarters Company of of 328 Field Artillery Battalion of WW2.

Group Photo 328FA HQ Company, WW2Group Photo 328FA HQ Company, WW2

Click to go tothe above group photo of  328FA HeadQuarters Battery of WW2

The following are Group photos of the other batteries of the 328 Field Artillery Battalion of World War 2.
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