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Dated:  April 31, 006

U.S. Uniforms
Insignia and Medals

Worn by Veterans of the Italian Campaign

   This page provides information to help research the uniforms, medals and ribbons in your collection.   The soldiers in Italy wore a wide variety of uniforms.  There is no way to describe all of them in detail.  Similarily, there are many medals and awards that could be earned by soldiers in Italy, which I will not cover.  This page only covers the basic uniforms of the Infantryman and the Campaign Medal (and ribbon) and other insiginia that was common for soldiers in Italy.  Of course, the details on how the medals and patches were worn on the uniform would apply for soldiers in France or Germany, as well.
   During war, the Campaign Medals and Good Conduct Medal were awarded with only a ribbon, as the medal was usually not available.  Therefore, when you send in the form to the Government requesting personel records, they will send a set of medals with the veteran's name inscribed on the back.  They will only do this if the veteran signs the form.
   The patches and pins worn on the US uniform were optional for some units.  These were not worn in combat, of course; only on the dress uniform or the Ike jacket.  On the lapels of the collar were usually worn a disc with "US" and the branch insignia and, below this, maybe a pair of unit insignia.  There were hundreds of unit insignia pins.  This page illustrates a few of the examples worn by units in Italy.

  Examples of Uniforms worn in the Italian Campaign.
  Patches & Insignia   Sleeve patches, proficiency badges and other insignia
  Medals & Ribbons  Medals earned for service in the Italian Campaign.
  DUI Pins   Distinguishing Unit Insigina Pins worn by units serving in Italy.
  Branch Pins   Collar discs, indiating branch of service.

 US Divisions Table - Contains images of the Division shoulder patches for ALL infantry divisions of the Army.
                                  Also includes a table of the infantry regiments & artillery battalions for each division.


    Uniforms - COLOR

These are modern photos showing examples of the various uniforms worn by the soldiers.

For more uniform photos, see the black & white photos taken in Italy ---  WW2 Uniforms , below.

15th Air Force Tunic

Tunic - 4 pocket dress coat with 4 brass buttons to close the front.  Can be worn with belt.

Example shown:
15th Army Air Force-  Gunner

LH Pocket:  Gunner Wings and ribbons that include Air Medal & 2 campaign ribbons.

RH Pocket:  Unit Citation
LH Sleeve:   Longevity stripes and Re-enlistment stripe
made of bullion thread.

Ike Jacket

Short Tunic or "Ike Jacket" -

Popular short jacket for dress wear.  Flap covers the front plastic buttons.  Bottom is closed with a wrap.

Example shown:
SHAFE HQ, Signal Corps
Nice attention to details.
Has extra collar discs: two "US" pins and two Signal Corps branch insignia--not typical.

Details shown below
Wearer had ribbons made with colored threads.  Pockets are sewn shut to prevent curling of edges.   Wearer was trying to impress the HQ staff of 15th Army Group and SHAFE.

This 15th Army Group Patch and the other patches are cross-stitched.

Tan Officers Tunic
Summer Tunic -
Same as above 4-pocket tunic but a tan, light-weight tunic.

Example shown:
5th Army Patch
Lt. Colonel's rank

This tunic is dated 1945 and displays an Armored Cavalry branch insignia, circa 1951 (insert image).
Mackinaw Coat

Model 1938 Mackinaw

 Winter coat used in combat.

For more uniform photos, see the black & white photos taken in Italy ---  WW2 Uniforms , below.

  Uniforms - WW2 Images

These photos include more photos of the uniforms as seen worn by soliders in Italy

Combat Jacket

PFC Warren Stichtenoth
310th Engineers, 85th Infantry Division

combat jacket is worn with a shirt and a T-shirt.  He displays the Division patch and ribbons.
In his right pocket he carries his pen, which was useful tool for some engineers.  PFC Stichtenoth also drew portraits for his buddies.

Winter Parka

Winter Parka

Sgt Harry McCluey

Co. G, 337th Inantry Regiment, 85th Infantry Division

Photo probably taken in early spring 1945.

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