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The Confederate Casualties of
 Battle of Fort Pillow

April 12, 1864

Fort Pillow, Tennessee
Original list obtained from Park Ranger at Fort Pillow State Historic Park
Individual Service Records obtained from NARA National Archives

This page provides a complete Return of Casualties in Brig. Gen. James R. Chalmers' Division of Maj.-General Forrest's Cavalry Corps for the action of April 12th, 1864 at Fort Pillow, Tennessee.

The original list of 95 casualties was provided by the Park Ranger of Fort Pillow Historical Park.  He could not provide a reference source for this list.  In my opinion, this list could have been compiled by a historian several years after the battle.  The list was typed with corrections and he included one sheet of the original hand-written list.   The official records and many sources report the casualties as being 14 killed and either 60 or 80 wounded.  After researching reference books and the National Archives(NARA), this list has been revised and expanded.  Now it includes details on many of the soldiers including those who died of later from their wounds, such as Lt.-Col Reid.

The Battle of Fort Pillow was part of General Forrest's raid into western Tennessee in 1864.  Fort Pillow was the first river fort north of Memphis but was abandoned by the Confederates in June 1862.  By 1864, the Union had only 550 troops at the fort when General Forrest attacked it with 1500 Confederates.  The Union troops hoped to hold out until gunboats came down the river with infantry and artillery support.  The result was that more than half of the Union troops were killed and most of these were black.  Thus it became known as the "Fort Pillow Massacre".  The purpose of this webpage is not to discuss the causes and effects but to give an accounting of the cost of this battle.  For an accounting of the Union casualties and wounded, go to Union Casualties.

This original list has been retained in the original order and with incorrect information that allows the reader to determine its validity.  Changes have been made to the list and the reference sources added using symbols in the last column.  There are many changes but over all the list is very accurate.

Contributing Genealogist Researchers:  Nancy Cole Douglas and Gary Cole

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This List is displayed in same order as received from the Park Ranger.  The names were already arranged by unit.   Blue Text are additions and corrections to List.
A name with a strike-through (Thomas) indicates the name on the original list was incorrect.  Click on
the NR-box icon to view archive file on the soldier.

 Surname  RANK  CO  UNIT CASUALTY    Description Sources
Chalmer's Division <  2nd BRIGADE  >
2 Missouri Cav
George W.
I / G2 MissouriWoundedSeriously- In shoulder.
Through right breast.
Thomas W.
Pvt A 2 Missouri Killed ______ [2M] 
Click to Open Trooper's NARA File

Robert H. Pvt A 2 Missouri Wounded

Dangerously- Upper lobe
of lung.  "Mortally Wounded on the walls"  Left in Tenn, Died April 30, 1864
Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
4 CHANEY Cephus J. A.

Pvt A 2 Missouri Wounded Seriously- In left arm  [2M] 

Miles Pvt
4 Sgt
A 2 Missouri Wounded Slightly   [2M]

6 BEDWELL  Benjamin F. 

Pvt A 2 Missouri Wounded Slightly- In Head

[2M] NR
7 BOTTOMS Thomas A.

Pvt B 2 Missouri Wounded Seriously- Through thigh  [2M]
Sgt ?
B 2 Missouri Wounded Seriously- Fracture of thigh  [2M] 
9 FLEMMING Wm. 3-Sgt C 2 Missouri Wounded Seriously- In thigh

10 SUMMERS Charles E.
Pvt E 2 Missouri Wounded Seriously- In face

[2M]  NR 
11 TIDWELL Franklin
F 2 Missouri Wounded Seriously- On hand & arm(shell)   [2M]
A. B. 
Pvt H 2 Missouri Wounded Seriously ?     Flesh wound of arm  [2M]
13 McILVAIN John Benton
I / G
2 Missouri Wounded Slightly- In Head Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
Peter Pvt I 2 Missouri Wounded Seriously- Left leg amputed below knee NR
15 WHITE Joseph M.
Pvt I / G 2 Missouri Wounded Seriously- In knee joint [2M]  NR 
16 HOWARD Alexander Jones
Pvt I / G 2 Missouri Wounded Slightly- In arm

[2M]  NR

             Willis' Texas Cav
17SULLIVANW. R.CaptEWillis BatnWounded
Dangerously In shoulder, feared to be mortal.Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
F. J.  
1-LtDWillis BatnWoundedSlightly- In shoulderNR
Albion F.
1-LtEWillis BatnKilledKilled by a Union shell
Co.G 2 Mo Cav book)
Click to Open Trooper's NARA File

20 DAVIS Marcellus B.
Pvt B Willis Batn
Wounded Dangerously In hip
Left in Brownsville
21 BENNETT _____ Pvt B Willis Batn Wounded Seriously- In shoulder


                5 Miss Cav
22REED   $Wiley M.Lt-Col C.O.5th MissWounded Dangerously In bowels, shoulder & ankle; feared.
Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
23BURTON   $N. B.LtA5th MissKilled______ Click to Open Trooper's NARA File  CH

24 FLOWERS James Edwards
Cpl A 5th Miss Killed (Reinterred in Montgomery Co, MS) Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
V.  A.    Pvt A 5th Miss Wounded
Dangerously In hip & arm; supposed to be mortal.
Sub for H. M McWilliams.
Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
L. W. 2-Sgt
A 5th Miss Wounded

Seriously- Right Thigh NR
R. W. Pvt A 5th Miss Wounded

Seriously- shoulder Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
S. V. 3-Sgt
B 5th Miss Wounded Slightly- In groin Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
29 COLE Richard Wesley
Pvt C 5th Miss Killed ______ Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
30 JENKINS Green  / G.H.
Pvt C 5th Miss Wounded Slightly- In face

Click to Open Trooper's NARA File   
31 CHEW G. B.     B. G.
Cpl F 5th Miss Wounded Slightly- In throat

32 BEARD T. T. Pvt E / F
5th Miss Wounded Slightly- In elbow

J. G. 
I. G.
Pvt F 5th Miss Wounded Slightly- In arm NR
(not same as above Tousend)

R. W. 3-Cpl
G 5th Miss Wounded Seriously- In thigh Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
35 SMITH Ben f. Pvt G / K
5th Miss Wounded Slightly- In shoulder Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
36 CAMPBELL W. C. Sgt I 5th Miss Wounded Slightly- In thigh NR
37 BRIDGES H. C. Pvt I 5th Miss Wounded Slightly- Inhead NR
38 JONES Sidney Pvt K 5th Miss Killed ______ Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
39 CAMPBELL Percival M.
Pvt K 5th Miss Wounded Slightly- In side NR

               Duff's 8 Miss Cav
Maj --
Duffs MissWoundedSeriously- In knee.  
Right Knee, caused by shell. 
Permanently absent.

Click to Open Trooper's NARA File   
41MORRISI. J. or  T. J.
CaptHDuffs MissWoundedSeriously- In thighNR
42 CEARLEY John C. Pvt A Duffs Miss
Killed ______ Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
43 BUCK S. M. Pvt B Duffs Miss Wounded Slightly- In arm NR
44 SHAW James M.
Pvt C Duffs Miss Wounded Seriously- In shoulder.
In arm.
Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
45 THOMPSON W. T. Pvt C Duffs Miss Wounded Slightly- In arm NR
46 HUNTER P. C. 1st-Sgt
D Duffs Miss Wounded Seriously- In leg Click to Open Trooper's NARA File  
M. W. 
Pvt D Duffs Miss Wounded Slightly- In shoulder Click to Open Trooper's NARA File  
48 DAVIS Jno. J. Pvt E Duffs Miss Wounded Seriously- In knee.
Left at Brownsville.
Pvt E Duffs Miss Wounded Slightly- In hand NR
50 BROWN Andrew  C.
Pvt F Duffs Miss Wounded Slightly- Finger shot off Click to Open Trooper's NARA File  
C. Pvt H Duffs Miss Wounded Slightly- In breast
(Died Oct 1864 of disease)
Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
52 WELCH M. Pvt H Duffs Miss Wounded Slightly- In hand
{Name not found in any records}
53 ROLAND J. B. Pvt I Duffs Miss Wounded Seriously- In arm
{Name not found in any records}

        Alex Chalmers' 18 Miss Cav
Wm Green
CaptE18th MissWoundedSlightly in arm.

Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
R. J.   Lt

H 18th MissWounded
Died at Somerville, Ap 24, 1864
Click to Open Trooper's NARA File  CH

PvtC  18th Miss
Killed______ Click to Open Trooper's NARA File  R3
Bell's Brigade < 4TH BRIGADE  >

              Wilson's Cav
57 JONES Henry
Pvt H 16th Tenn
Killed ______ Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
58 THOMPSON W. C. Pvt H 16th Tenn Killed ______ Click to Open Trooper's NARA File 
George 1-Lt D 2th Tenn
Killed ______ Click to Open Trooper's NARA File

             Newsom's Cav
60GOODMANR. H.2-LtA15th Tenn
WoundedSeverly Click to Open Trooper's NARA File  [20TN]
61KENNEDYJ. M.  5-Sgt
D15th TennWoundedSlightly Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
62 BECK Jasmes A.
[James Ab.]
[ 3-Sgt ]
B 15th Tenn

Killed ______ Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
 MAT [20TN]
63 BURROW   
Reuben William  
Pvt B 15th Tenn Killed ______ Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
R3 [20TN ]
(Duplicate ?)
(See Note)

W. R.    
PvtB15th TennKilled______
64HOLMANL.  [Tandy]PvtA15th TennWoundedSlightly Click to Open Trooper's NARA File  [20TN]
65ROBERTSONG. W.PvtA15th TennWoundedSlightly NR [20TN]
66PYLANDR.PvtC15th TennWoundedSeverly NR [20TN]
67SMITHG. W.     (TR)
PvtC15th TennWoundedSlightly   
S. S.    
PvtD15th TennWoundedSlightly Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
69 BEARD      John Pvt

20th Tenn Killed ______ Click to Open Trooper's NARA File  R3

                  Wilson's Cav
70 RUSSELL Jacob A.
A 16th Tenn

Wounded Slightly  Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
71 COBURN John 2-Lt A 16th Tenn Wounded Slightly  Click to Open Trooper's NARA File TR
72 WYATT T. C. or  Cager
Pvt A 16th Tenn Wounded Severly  Click to Open Trooper's NARA File  
73 JONES Thomas W.
Pvt E 16th Tenn Wounded Slightly  NR
74 BAXTER S. W. Pvt E 16th Tenn Wounded Slightly  ???
75 BOREN  
J. W. Pvt G 16th Tenn Wounded Slightly  Click to Open Trooper's NARA File  
76 BOND John Pvt G 16th Tenn Wounded Slightly  NR
77 REED R. H. Pvt H 16th Tenn Wounded Slightly  Click to Open Trooper's NARA File 
78 FREEMAN W. J. Pvt H 16th Tenn Wounded Severly  NR
79 STANFIELD A.   Abron
Pvt H 16th Tenn Wounded Slightly  NR
80 McLINN 
W. H.  Pvt H
16th Tenn
Slightly   NR    MAT
81 DAVIDSON John Pvt H 16th Tenn Wounded Slightly  NR TR

                   Barteau's Cav
82WILSON   J. Cardwell
CaptF2nd TennWounded
(Died of wounds recv F.P.)

Click to Open Trooper's NARA File  
R3 [20TN]
83SPIERJos.LtA2nd TennWoundedSlightly
{Name not found in any records}
84WESTBROOKJ. R.A-SurgF2nd TennWoundedSlightly Click to Open Trooper's NARA File [20TN]
H. L. W. Pvt C 2nd Tenn
Wounded Slightly  Click to Open Trooper's NARA File     HC
J. D. Pvt D 2nd Tenn Wounded Slightly  Click to Open Trooper's NARA File  
87 LINK  
James M.
Pvt F 2nd Tenn Wounded Severly
Left in W. Tenn
Click to Open Trooper's NARA File 
Leonidias P. 
PvtF2nd TennWoundedSlightly
Oath of Allegiance.
Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
89 CARR 
N. K.  or Nute
V. K.  
1-Sgt C 
2nd Tenn Wounded Severly  Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
W. A. Pvt B 2nd Tenn Wounded Dangerously
(NR states Killed Apr 17)
Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
F 2nd Tenn  Wounded
92DODDJames. K.Pvt

2nd TennWoundedDangerously Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
W. J. Pvt E 2nd Tenn Wounded Severly 
Left in West Tenn  
Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
94 BRINKLEY John  S.   Pvt F
2nd Tenn Wounded Dangerously  Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
HC    ( 7T ) 
95 THOMAS Frank  C.F.
Pvt C 2nd Tenn Wounded Slightly  NR HC
C 2nd Tenn Wounded Severly  Click to Open Trooper's NARA File HC
97 WOMACK W. L. Pvt C 2nd Tenn Wounded Slightly  NR    TR  
General Forrest & Staff

            Forrest's Escort Company

B. FranklinPvtEForrests Reg
(6 AL Cav)
(Died Oct Buried in McNairy Co. TN)
Click to Open Trooper's NARA File   

B.   R.B.
PvtAForrests RegWoundedSlightly-  
 (NR states "not able to be moved")
Click to Open Trooper's NARA File
W. H.PvtFForrests Reg
(6 AL Cav)
(NR does not list as WIA)
Click to Open Trooper's NARA File

Names are spelled as found in archives and census records.  Alternates are shown crossed out or in Blue.
???  indicates the names in the original roster has not been confirmed by NARA records or other sources.
The original list has been edited for corrections and re-arranged to depict the organization of the brigades.
An explanation of the identify and history of the cavalry units are explained below

See Organization, below, for organization of units.

The following text was entered in List before the heading "2nd Division".

                      "The 18th Miss Battalion was in the engagement but has not been reported as yet.
                                          W. R. Hodprach - Chf. Surg.
                                          Chalmers Div., Forrests Cavl."

Identification of Units

    Willis' Texas Battalion was orginally part of Waul's Texas Legion; consisting of infantry, 6 companies of cavarly and artillery.  Later the cavalry were seperated and identified by its commander, Colonel Leonidas Willis.

      Duff's Battalion began as 19 Battalion Mississippi Cavalry and was later identified as 8 Mississippi Cavalry.  Commander was Lt-Col. William L. Duff.

    18 Miss Cavalry was also known as 18 Battalion Mississippi Cavalry.  It was commanded by Maj. A. H. Chalmers, brother to General J. R. Chalmers .

    15 Tenn Cavalry - The records for the soldiers listed above as being with this unit were actually members of 20th (Russell's) Tenn Cavalry.  The 15th (Stewart-Logwood's) Tennesse Cavalry was later supplemented by men from several of the Tennesse regiments.  Commander was Col. Francis M. Stewart.

    16 Tenn or Wilson's Cavalry was also known as 21 (Wilson's) Tenn Cavalry was formed in Feb. 1864. It merged with 21 Tenn Cavalry or Barteau's Cavalry.  Commander was Col. Andrew L. Wilson.

    2nd Tenn Cavalry later became known as the 22nd Tenn Cavalry or Barteau's Cavalry.

  18th Tenn Cavalry or Newsom's Cavalry, also known as the 19 Tenn Cavalry.  Later merged with the 20th (Russell's) Tenn Cavalry.  Commander Col. John F. Newsom.

    7th Tenn Cavalry  also known Duckworth's Cavlary under Colonel Leonidas Duckworth and had combined with 6 Tenn Cavalry and 7 Tenn Cavalry.  During Forrest's West Tennessee Raid, the 7th Tennesse Cavalry(US) surrendered to Duckworth's 7th Tennessee Cavalry (CS) at Union City.

    Forrest's Escort Company was a group of 75 men who remained from the original Forrest Regiment and served as personal guard for General Forrest.  By 1863, they were armed with the best weapons and carried sabers. One member was Col. Drew Wisdom. The Escort was also known as Jackson's Company, MacDonald's Cavalry and also part of 3 Tenn Cavalry at various times.

 Complied Summary of Casualties of Battle of Fort Pillow

       NCO's 1

 62 *


           For these statistics, KIA are those who had died by April 13th.  General Forrest had reported Lt-Col. Reed
              as a KIA, but he was mortally wounded and died in Jackson.
* Includes 3 soldiers on the original list but were not confirmed by NARA records.

Additional Refernce Sources
OR - Official Records of the War or the orders issued by commanders.
      Series I, Volume XXXII , Chaper XLIV Operations in Kentucky, Southwest Virginia, Tennessee,
             Mississippi, Alabama, and North Georgia.  January 1-April 30, 1864.

   Officially titled “War of the Rebellion; A Compilation of Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies"
   Cornell University website provides on-line access to the Official Records.  Also Google Books has some volums scanned for download.   Link:

 NR     National Archives Records   -  Personal military records.
  The service records are obtained through the files of the National Archives which is available on  The information may include Name, Unit, Rank, Enlistment date and date of discharge or death.  It may also include orders, forms or notes regarding the soldier.  Records for captured Confederate will
include the records from the US files. 
          Icon  Click this icon in the above table to see one of the service records from the NARA for that soldier.
TR   Tennesseans in Civil War Vol II   -  A tabulated list of service records from NARA.  Began research using this reference but rechecked names on the NARA files.

 [20TN] - Information from website on 20th Tennessee Cavalry20 TENN CAV .

  This website has info on men who served in the 20th Tennessee Cavalry with data from National Archive records for individual soldiers.  This site has names of soldiers wounded or killed at Fort Pillow who match with the names on the above roster; only the unit is different.  Most of the ones listed above as being in 15th Tenn were included in the roster for 20th Tennessee Cavalry.

Excerpts from two records:

   J. Cardwell Wilson, Captain, Company F.    See Stories
  The website for the 20 Tenn Cavalry states he was shot through the lungs at Ft. Pillow "while charging at the head of his company. He was carried by his men on stretchers eighteen miles to Dr. Brodie's, where he died after lingering several days" on April 16, 1864. Two of his men ("Hard" Wilson and Smith Randle) were detailed to wait with him.
   This site also confirmed three other names.  Quote from site:
"The next day Bell's Brig. moved back to West Tennessee and recruited their stock about 10 days when it was ordered to Fort Pillow. Company A, 15 Tenn. Cav. had two men & one Lieut. wounded slightly, to wit. R.H. Goodman & privates Tandy Holman & G.W. Robertson. It was a total loss to the Federals while our loss was comparatively none, only about 15 killed. After the dead were buried and the spoils gathered up we moved back to Brownsville, Tenn. when we were ordered to Miss. On reaching Holly Springs, Miss. we were ordered back to Dyer and Gibson counties where we remained up to 30th of April 1864 conscripting. Wm. Gay, Capt. Co. A, 15 Tenn. Cav. Regt."

[2M] - Information from website on 2nd Missiouri Cavalry2 Missouri Cavalry

                External Link:
This is a site for a re-enactment group but includes a page of Original Roster of the soldiers who served during the war.  I was able to match 14 of the 16 soldiers on my list.  However two that did match did not have a match with their rank: example, corporal versus captain.

    National Archives records includes more details of the soldiers in the 2 Missouri Cavalry.  Most have one card that someone has written down all the battles and events for that soldier.  The info usually continues on the back of the NARA card.
   Pvt Alexander Jones Howard participated in Quantrail's raid on Lawrence, KS.  Also,  Pvt. Thomas W. Haislip fought several battles with the 2nd Missouri Cavalry, including both Battles of Collierville and Wyatt and skirmish at Moscow, Tenn.

(7T) - Information from website for 7 Tennesse Cavalry Battalion  also known as 2 Tennesse Cavalry.
            External Link:
  The following names seem to be a match or of interest.

+ John R. BrinkIey - 3rd Corporal. Made 1st Sergeant, at reorganization, replacing Austin. Wounded at Fort
     Pillow, TN, April 10, 1864. Left at Brownsville, Tennessee, unable to be moved.
+  J. K. Brinkley  (duplicate of above?) - Wounded at Fort Pillow, TN, April 12, 1864. Cared for by Henry A. Brinkley,
+  Henry A. Brinkley - Detailed as nurse for J. K. Brinkley, who was wounded at Fort Pillow, Tennessee.
+  Robert Douglas  - Wounded at Fort Pillow, Tennessee, April 12, 1864.
+  James M. Link - Wounded at Fort Pillow, Tennessee, April 12, 1864. Paroled at Gainesville, AL, May 10, 1865.

 Compare this to National Archive (
NR) records that lists a J. C. Brinkley of Co. C, who was left in W. Tenn.
   NARA records state Lt-Colonel Leonidas Willis resigned his command on Feb. 4, 1865.

HC -  Information from book "Hancock's Diary"  or A History of the Second Tennessee Confederate Cavalry.

     This is a diary of a member of Barteau's 2nd Tennesee Cavalry regiment published in 1877 and is available free on Google Books.  In the chapter on Fort Pillow he lists the casualties of the regiment. 
  The diary gives detail of one of the casualties as follows:
   "William Duke's leg was broken near the ankle joint by a firle-ball, and after examination and conultation our surgeons decided to amputate his foot. As soon as Duke learned their decision he called on D. B. Willard ( a member of Company C who carried him from the field) to hand him his pistol, and said, "I'll shoot the first man who attempts to cut off my foot."  "If you don't want it cut off it will not be done," said Willard.  By request of Duke, Willard made some splinters, and finally the surgeons assisted in bandaging his leg, and the result was he soon got well, and thus saved his foot."
    The diary also stated 1st Lt George Leave "fell mortally wounded by a canister-shot".  NARA records show a 1st Lt. George Love of Company D was killed.

R3 - Information from book "River Run Red", published in 2005. ISBN 0-670-03440-1.
  +  Lt.-Col. Wiley Martin Reed, commander of the 5th Mississippi Cavalry, was standing next to Lt. N. B. Burton about 80 yards from the fort's parapets.  Both were struck by a volley.  Lt-Col. Reed was severely wounded and Lt. Burton was killed.  Lt.-Col. Reed was taken to Jackson, TN, where he died after 19 days of excruciating pain.  An Atlanta newspaper dated 1877 said his body was moved to Nashville for re-internment 13 years later.
   + Captain J. Cardwell Wilson was shot through the lungs.  He was taken 18 miles to a farm where he died 6 days later. 
  +  Private John Beard of 20th Tennessee killed while assaulting the fort.
  +  Private Reuben Burrows of the 15th Tennessee killed while assaulting the fort. 
  +  Private Samuel Allen was "struck dead".
  +  Private Andrew Jackson Grantham of 5th Mississippi Cavalry was quoted in Ward's book.

William Green Middleton, Capt. of Co. E, 18 Mississippi Cavalry.   
   His name was not on the original list but his name is mentioned in Ward's "River Run Red".  A search of NARA records showed that he was wounded slightly in the arm at the Battle of Fort Pillow.  

MAT  -  Source "Military Annals of Tennessee".
   This is a thick 700+ pages of history of units of Tennessee, similiar to Dunbar Rowland's history of Mississippi.  The cavalry regimental histories were sketchy but would include names of officers and occassional history and maybe names of those killed in action.  This book has some good information on the 2nd, 15th and 16th Tennessee Cavalry Regiments.

CH - Source "Confederate Military History".

Originally published in 1880's, the series was divided by the State and recorded their contribution to the war.  Some volumes have unit histories.  Each state includes biographies of leaders in the back.
"Confederate Military History: Mississippi" mentions death of Lt.-Col Reed and Lt. Burton and Lt. Hubbard of 18th Battalion.

"Confederate Military History: Tennessee" mentions Lieut-Col. Wiley Reed was a Cumberland Presbyterian minister (page 282).
"Confederate Military History: Missouri"   - Includes a biography of Col Robert McCulloch.

 "Military Annals of Carrol County" is a small publication that documents the service of the citizens of Carroll Country, MS in various wars.
A quote from the book states that “Mr. Cole of Black Hawk was killed at Collierville”.  This refers to the battles of Collierville, TN, which was fought on 3 Oct and 11 Nov 1863.  The 5 Mississippi Cavalry did sustain many casualties during the 11 November battle.  Census records and National Archive records show that Richard W. Cole was from Black Hawk and was killed at Fort Pillow on April 12, 1864 and not at Collierville.  This error may be attributed to the fact that this publication was written by a local historian without access to the National Archives records.
John Bond, Pvt of Co. G, 16 Tennessee Cavalry.
Lynn Shaw, a local historian at Brownsville, reports the family history says that John Bond joined up with General Forrest at Brownsville just before the Battle of Fort Pillow.  He was wounded and returned to Brownsville, where he was discharged.  It is said his only service was this one raid.  After the war, he became a lawyer
His National Archive record shows he was "left by order of Gen Chalmers" when the returned to Mississippi.  It also shows that he enlisted on July 13, 1863 at Jackson, TN.  There may be an explanation why John Bond joined but was not available for service until April 1864.

W. H. McLinn, Pvt of Co. H, 16 Tennessee Cavalry.
   The original list had a questionable entry for his name.  His name appeared as killed in action in Military Annals of Tennesee.  NARA recorrds confirmed his last name was McLinn and the company and regiment matched.  The problem is the dates recorded for his enlistment and death and the muster roll does not make sense. According to NARA entries,  Pvt McLinn enlisted on May 1, 1864, and reported for muster on May 31, 1864, but was killed at Fort Pillow on April 12, 1864.  

 Reuben Burrow and W. R. Barron
  Various sources report a casualty of the 15 Tennessee Cavalry as either Reuben Burrow or W. R. Barron.  It seems this is a duplication---even in the NARA files.  The archival records are so few it is difficult to know for sure.  
 [A]  Genealogy research identifies a Reuben Burrow, age 21 in 1863, who was the son of a prominent church leader, Rev. Reuben Burrow of McLemoresville, TN
.  He enlisted on September 1, 1863 at McLemoresville, Carroll County.
 [B]  W. R. Barron was identified as 25 years of age and enlisted on September 13, 1863 at Carroll County in Company B

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Organization of Confederate forces
     General Forrest's Cavalry Corps

First Division  - Gen. R. Chalmers
     1st Brigade -  Col. J. J. Neely
     2nd Brigade - Col Robert McCulloch


Second Division  -  Gen. Bufford
    3rd Brigade  - Col. A. P. Thompson
    4th Brigade - Gen. Tyree H. Bell 

Forces Attacking Fort Pillow 
          commanded by Gen. R. Chalmers
Col. Bob McCulloch's Brigade (of Chalmers' Division)
     2 Missouri Cav - Col Robert A. McCulloch
     Willis's Texas Cav - Lt-Col
Leonidas Willis
     5 Miss. Cav  - Lt. Col. Wiley M. Reed
     18 Miss Cavalry   -  Maj. Alexander H. Chalmers
Duff's 8 Miss Cav.  - Col. Wm L. Duff
     McDonald's Tenn Cav. Batln - Lt-Col
J. M. Crews

General N. B. Forrest and his Staff
  Forrest's Escort Co  - Col. Dew Wisdom (75 men)  


Col Tyree H. Bell's Brigade  (of Bufford's Division)

     Barteau's 2 (22)Tenn Cav -
Col. C. R. Barteau
     Wilson's 16 Tenn Cav - Col. A. N. Wilson
     Russel's 15 (20) Tenn Cav - Col R. M. Russell
     Newsome's 18 Tenn Cav  - Col. John F. Newsom

Walton's Artillery Battery - Mountain Howitzers
    (placed in town south of fort.)

Fort Pillow State Historic Park (external link)

    The Tennessee State park  is a 1,646-acre park located on Mississippi River about 60 miles north of Memphis, TN on Hiway 51 near Henning.  The park has an Intrepretive Center & Museum, a Nature Center, campgrounds and hiking trails covering the three tiers of breastworks that was constructed there during the war.

Check out my photos of Fort Pillow State Historic Park at Photos.

The McCulloch’s
      Col. Robert “Black Bob” McCulloch
(1820-1905)  was 5 years older than his cousin Lt-Col. Robert A. McCulloch.  Colonel Robert was a square-built frame and had a full beard. He raised a company of Missouri State Guard Cavalry in Cooper County, Missouri. They crossed the Mississippi to join General Price and formed into the 2nd Missouri Cavalry.  The 2nd Missouri Cavalry fought in many battles and campaigns under General Chalmers and later General Forrest. Some of the battles include:  Fort Pemberton(MS), Elkhorn(Ark), Siege of Corinth, Booneville, Iuka, Holly Springs, Looxahoma, Waterford, Brices Crossroads, Salem, Collierville(#1), Wyatt, Collierville(#2), Moscow, Fort Pillow, Harrisburg and Memphis Raid.
   Lt-Col. Robert A. McCulloch (1825-1911) was ganglier build.  He was wounded in the stomach at Wilson’s Creek in August 1864. 
Originally, the older Robert McCulloch was called “Black-haired Bob” and the Robert A. was called “White-haired Bob” since his hair was turning grey.  Later, Col. McCulloch’s nickname was shortened to “Black Bob”.  They fought side-by-side throughout the war and many historians have confused the two men. They are generally distinguished by their rank listed in front of their name.

Cost of Okolona
The Battle of Okolona was fought on February 22, a few weeks before Fort Pillow.  This battle would cost General Forrest several of his commanders, including his youngest brother, whom he raised.
   Col. Jeffrey E. Forrest leading a brigade was killed.  2nd Brigade temporarily given to Col. Duckworth.
   Lt-Col Barksdale, commanding the 5th Miss. Cavalry was killed and  Lt.-Col. Reid replaced him.
   Col. Barteau commanding Bell’s Brigade was wounded and Col R. M. Russell replaced him.
Col. Robert (Black Bob) McCulloch was wounded in the hand. 
   Both Col. Barteau and Col. McCulloch would recover to fight again at Fort Pillow.

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Confederate troops operate the captured Union Guns

The following account is
quoted from "River Run Red":

   Lee H. Russ of Forrest's Escort, who had followed the general into the fort, recalled how he and two of his comrades had to grab the wheels of the Parrott gun, back it out of the embrasure, roll it to the rim of the bluff, and aim it at the gunboat (New Era).  As one of his buddies loaded the charge, Russ rammed it home, only to discover that when the artillerists fled down the bluff they had taken their lanyards with them.  So one of Russ's buddies, Sergeant Billy Matthews, unbreeched his carbine, "drew a cartridge and forced it, inverted, into the magazine and closed up the breech, thus cutting off the ball and furnishing him a blank charge."  Stepping to one side, Matthews "deliberately fired his carbine into the touchhole of the cannon."

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