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Dated:  Oct 13, 2008


In the Chattanooga Campaign

Table represents the Army of Tennessee during November 1863,
prior to the Longstreet's Corps being transferred to Knoxville.

REPRINTED FROM:  War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies.
{Organizational Table is from appendix to "Chattanooga--A Death Grip on the Confederacy", 
by McDonough.  All notes have been deleted.  }

        1st Louisiana (regular), [Col. James Strawbridge]
        1st Louisiana Cavalry, [Maj. J.M. Taylor]



                Kershaw's Brigade
                        2d  South Carolina, Col. John D. Kennedy
                        3d  South Carolina, Col. James D. Nance
                        7th South Carolina, Col. D. Wyatt Aiken
                        8th South Carolina, Col. John W. Hengagan
                        15th South Carolina, Col. Joseph F. Gist
                        3d  South Carolina Battalion, Lieut.  Col. William G. Rice

                Humphreys Brigade
                        13th Mississippi, Col. Kennon McElroy
                        17th Mississippi, Col. William D. Holder
                        18th Mississippi, Col. Thomas M. Griffin
                        21st Mississippi, Col. William L. Brandon

                Wofford's Brigade
                        16th Georgia, Col. Henry P. Thomas
                        18th Georgia, Col. S.Z. Ruff
                        24th Georgia, Col. Robert McMillan
                        Cobb's Legion, Lieut. Col. Luther J. Glenn
                        Phillips' Legion, Lieut. Col. E.S. Barclay
                        3d Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters,  Lieut. Col. N.L. Hutchins, Jr.

                Bryan's Brigade
                        10th Georgia, Col. John B. Weems
                        50th Georgia, Col. Peter McGlashan
                        51st Georgia, Col. Edward Ball
                        53d Georgia, Col. James P. Simms

                Artillery Battalion   - Maj. Austin Leyden
                        Georgia Battery, Capt. Tyler M. Peeples
                        Georgia Battery, Capt. Andrew M. Wolihin
                        Georgia Battery, Capt. Billington W. York


                Jenkins Brigade
                        1st South Carolina, Col. Franklin W. Kilpatrick
                        2d  South Carolina Rifles, Col. Thomas Thomson
                        5th South Carolina, Col. A. Coward
                        6th South Carolina, Col. John Batton
                        Hampton (South Carolina) Legion,  Col. Martin W. Gary
                        Palmetto (South Carolina) Sharpshooters, Col. Joseph Walker

                Robertson's Brigade
                        3d  Arkansas, Col. Van H. Manning
                        1st Texas, Col. A.T. Rainey
                        4th Texas, Col. J.C.G. Key
                        5th Texas, Col. R.M. Powell

                Law's Brigade
                        4th Alabama, Col. Pinckney D. Bowles
                        15th Alabama, Col. William C. Oates
                        44th Alabama, Col. William F. Perry
                        47th Alabama, Col. Michael J. Bulger
                        48th Alabama, Col. James L. Sheffield

                Anderson's Brigade
                        7th Georgia, Col. W.W. White
                        8th Georgia, Col. John R. Towers
                        9th Georgia, Col. Benjamin Beck
                        11th Georgia, Col. F.H. Little
                        59th Georgia, Col. Jack Brown

                Benning's Brigade
                        2d  Georgia, Col. Edgar M. Butt
                        15th Georgia, Col. Dudley M. DuBose
                        17th Georgia, Wesley C. Hodges
                        20th Georgia, Col. J.D. Waddell

                Artillery Battalion   - Col. E. Porter Alexander
                        South Carolina Battery, Capt. William W. Fickling
                        Virginia Battery, Capt. Tyler C. Jordan
                        Louisiana Battery, Capt. George V. Moody
                        Virginia Battery, Capt. William W. Parker
                        Virginia Battery, Capt. Osmond B. Taylor
                        Virginia Battery, Capt. Pichegru Woolfolk, Jr.



                Jackson's Brigade
                        1st Georgia (Confederate), Maj. James C. Gordon
                        5th Georgia, Col. Charles P. Daniel
                        47th Georgia, Capt. J.J. Harper
                        65th Georgia, Lieut. Col. Jacob W. Pearcy
                        2d  Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters,  Lieut.-Col. Richard H. Whiteley
                        5th Mississippi, Maj. John B. Herring
                        8th Mississippi, Maj. John F. Smith

                Moore's Brigade
                        37th Alabama, Col. James F. Dowdell
                        40th Alabama, Col. John H. Higley
                        42d Alabama, Lieut. Col. Thomas C. Lanier
                Walthall's Brigade
                        24th and 27th Mississippi, Col. William F. Dowd
                        29th and 30th Mississippi, Capt. W.G. Reynolds
                        34th Mississippi, Col. Samuel Benton

                Wright's Brigade
                        8th Tennessee, Col. John H. Anderson
                        16th Tennessee, Col. D.M. Donnell
                        28th Tennessee, Col. Sidney S. Stanton
                        38th Tennessee, Lieut. Col. Andrew D. Gwynne
                        51st and 52d Tennessee, Lieut. Col. John G. Hall
                        Murray's (Tennessee) Battalion, Lieut. Col. Andrew D. Gwynne

                Artillery Battalion   - Maj. Melancthon Smith
                        Alabama Battery, Capt. William H. Fowler
                        Florida Battery, Capt. Robert P. McCants
                        Georgia Battery, Capt. John Scogin
                        Mississippi Battery (Smith's), Lieut. William B. Turner

                Anderson's Brigade
                        7th Mississippi, Col. William H. Bishop
                        9th Mississippi, Maj. Thomas H. Lynam
                        10th Mississippi, Capt. Robert A. Bell
                        41st Mississippi, Col. W.F. Tucker
                        44th Mississippi, Lieut. Col. R.G. Kelsey
                        9th Mississippi Battalion Sharpshooters, Capt. W.W. Tucker

                Manigault's Brigade
                        24th Alabama, Col. N.N. Davis
                        28th Alabama, Maj. W.L. Butler
                        34th Alabama, Maj. John N. Slaughter
                        10th and 19th South Carolina,  Maj. James L. White

                Deas' Brigade
                        19th Alabama, Col. Samuel K. McSpadden
                        22d  Alabama, Capt. Harry T. Toulmin
                        25th Alabama, Col. George D. Johnston
                        39th Alabama, Col. Whitfield Clark
                        50th Alabama, Col. J.G. Coltart
                        17th Alabama Battalion Sharpshooters,  Capt. James F. Nabers

                Vaughan's Brigade
                        11th Tennessee, Col. George W. Gordon
                        12th and 47th Tennessee, Col. William M. Watkins
                        13th and 154th Tennessee, Lieut. Col. R.W. Pitman
                        20th Tennessee, Col. Horace Rice

                Artillery Battalion   - Maj. Alfred R. Courtney
                        Alabama Battery, Capt. S.H. Dent
                        Alabama Battery, Capt. James Garrity
                        Tennessee Battery (Scott's), Lieut. John Doscher
                        Alabama Battery (Waters'), Lieut. William B. Hamilton


                Johnson's Brigade
                        17th and 23d Tennessee, Lieut. Col. Watt W. Floyd
                        25th and 44th Tennessee, Lieut. Col.  John L. McEwen, Jr.
                        63d Tennessee, Maj. John A. Aiken

                Gracie's Brigade
                        41st Alabama, Lieut. Col. Theodore G. Trimmier
                        43d Alabama, Col. Young M. Moody
                        1st Battalion, Alabama (Hilliard's) Legion,   Maj. Daniel S. Troy
                        2d Battalion, Alabama 
(Hilliard's) Legion,  Capt. John H. Dillard
                        3d Battalion, Alabama 
(Hilliard's) Legion, Lieut. Col. John W.A. Sanford
                        4th Battalion, Alabama 
(Hilliard's) Legion, Maj. John D. McLennan

                Reynolds' Brigade
                        58th North Carolina, Col. John B. Palmer
                        60th North Carolina, Capt. James T. Weaver
                        54th Virginia, Lieut. Col. John J. Wade
                        63d Virginia, Maj. James M. French

                Artillery Battalion   - Maj. Samuel C. Williams
                        Mississippi Battery (Darden's), Lieut. H.W. Bullen
                        Virginia Battery, Capt. William C. Jeffress
                        Alabama Battery, Capt. R.F. Kolb


                Maney's Brigade
                        1st and 27th Tennessee, Col. Hume R. Feild
                        4th Tennessee (Provisional Army),   Capt. Joseph Bostick
                        6th and 9th Tennessee, Lieut. Col. J.W. Buford
                        41st Tennessee, Col. Robert Farquharson
                        50th Tennessee,c Col. Cyrus A. Sugg
                        24th Tennessee Battalion Sharpshooters,  Maj. Frank Maney

                Gist's Brigade
                        46th Georgia, Lieut. Col. William A. Daniel
                        8th Georgia Battalion, Lieut. Col. Leroy Napier
                        16th South Carolina, Col. James McCullough
                        24th South Carolina, Col. Clement H. Stevens

                Wilson's Brigade
                        25th Georgia, Col. Claudius C. Wilson
                        29th Georgia, Col. William J. Young
                        30th Georgia, Col. Thomas W. Mangham
                        26th Georgia Battalion, Maj. John W. Nisbet
                        1st Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters,  Maj. Arthur Shaaff.

                Artillery Battalion   -  Maj. Robert Martin
                        Missouri Battery, Capt. Hiram M. Bledsoe
                        South Carolina Battery, Capt. T.B. Ferguson
                        Georgia Battery, Capt. Evan P. Howell



                Liddell's Brigade
                        2d and 15th Arkansas, Maj. E. Warfield
                        5th and 13th Arkansas, Col. John E. Murray
                        6th and 7th Arkansas, Lieut. Col. Peter Snyder
                        8th Arkansas, Mal. Anderson Watkins
                        19th and 24th Arkansas, Lieut. Col. A.S. Hutchinson

                Polk's Brigade
                        1st Arkansas, Col. John W. Colquitt
                        3d and 5th Confederate, Lieut. Col. J.C. Cole
                        2d Tennessee, Col. William D. Robinson
                        35th and 48th Tennessee, Col. Benjamin J. Hill

                Smith's Brigade
                        6th and 10th Texas Infantry and 15th Texas (dismounted) Cavalry, Col. Roger Q. Mills
                        7th Texas, Col. Hiram B. Granbury
                        17th, 18th, 24th, and 25th Texas Cavalry (dismounted), Maj. William A. Taylor

                Lowrey's Brigade
                        16th Alabama, Maj. Frederick A. Ashford
                        33d Alabama, Col. Samuel Adams
                        45th Alabama, Lieut. Col. H.D. Lampley
                        32d and 45th Mississippi, Lieut. Col. R. Charlton
                        15th Mississippi Battalion Sharpshooters, Capt. Daniel Coleman

                Artillery Battalion   -  Maj. T.R. Hotchkiss
                        Arkansas Battery (Calvert's), Lieut. Thomas J. Key
                        Texas Battery, Capt. James P. Douglas
                        Alabama Battery (Semple's),  Lieut. Richard W. Goldthwaite
                        Mississippi Battery (Swett's), Lieut. H. Shannon


                Adams' Brigade
                        13th and 20th Louisiana, Col. Leon von Zinken
                        16th and 25th Louisiana, Col. Daniel Gober
                        19th Louisiana, Col. W.P Winans
                        4th Louisiana Battalion, Lieut. Col. John McEnery
                        14th Louisiana Battalion Sharpshooters,  Maj. J.E. Austin

                Strahl's Brigade
                        4th and 5th Tennessee, Col. Jonathan J. Lamb
                        19th Tennessee, Col. Francis M. Walker
                        24th Tennessee, Col. John A. Wilson
                        31st Tennessee, Col. Egbert E. Tansil
                        33rd Tennessee, Lieut.Col. Henry C. McNeill

                Clayton's Brigade
                        18th Alabama, Maj. Shep. Ruffin
                        32d Alabama, Capt. John W. Bell
                        36th Alabama, Col. Lewis T. Woodruff
                        38th Alabama, Col. Charles T. Ketchum
                        58th Alabama, Lieut. Col. John W. Inzer

                Stovall's Brigade
                        40th Georgia, [Col. Abda Johnson]
                        41st Georgia [Col. William E. Curtiss]
                        42d Georgia, [Col. R.J. Henderson]
                        43d Georgia, [Col. Hiram P. Bell]
                        52d Georgia, [Maj. John J. Moore]

                Artillery Battalion   -  Capt. Henry C. Semple
                        Georgia Battery (Dawson's), Lieut. R.W. Anderson
                        Arkansas Battery (Humphreys'), Lieut. John W. Rivers
                        Alabama Battery, Capt. McDonald Oliver
                        Mississippi Battery, Capt. Thomas J. Stanford


                Lewis' Brigade
                        2d  Kentucky, Lieut. Col. James W. Moss
                        4th Kentucky, Maj. Thomas W. Thompson
                        5th Kentucky, Col. H. Hawkins
                        6th Kentucky, Lieut. Col. W.L. Clarke
                        9th Kentucky, Lieut. Col. John C. Wickliffe
                        John H. Morgan's dismounted men.

                Bate's Brigade
                        37th Georgia, Col. A.F. Rudler
                        4th Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters,  Lieut. Joel Towers
                        10th Tennessee,b Col. William Grace
                        15th and 37th Tennessee,   Lieut. Col. R. Dudley Frayser
                        20th Tennessee, Maj. W.M. Shy
                        30th Tennessee,h Lieut. Col. James J. Turner
                        1st Tennessee Battalion,b Mai. Stephen H. Coims.

                Florida Brigade
                        1st and 3d Florida, Capt. W.T. Saxon
                        4th Florida, Lieut. Col. E. Badger
                        6th Florida, Col. Jesse J. Finley
                        7th Florida, Lieut. Col. Tillman Ingram
                        1st Florida Cavalry (dismounted),   Col. G. Troup Maxwell

                Artillery Battalion  -  Capt. C.H. Slocomb
                        Kentucky Battery (Cobb's), Lieut. Frank P. Gracey
                        Tennssee Battery, Capt. John W. Mebane
                        Louisiana Battery (Slocomb's), Lieut. W.C.D. Vaught


                Brown's  Brigade
                        3d  Tennessee, Col. Calvin H. Walker
                        18th and 26th Tennessee,   Lieut. Col. William R. Butler
                        32d  Tennessee, Capt. Thomas D. Deavenport
                        45th Tennessee and 23d Tennessee Battalion, Col. Anderson Searcy

                Cumming's Brigade
                        34th Georgia, Col. J.A.W. Johnson
                        36th Georgia, Lieut. Col. Alexander M. Wallace
                        39th Georgia, Col. J.T. McConnell
                        56th Georgia, Lieut. Col. J.T. Slaughter

                Pettus's Brigade
                        20th Alabama, Capt. John W. Davis
                        23d  Alabama, Lieut. Col. J.B. Bibb
                        30th Alabama, Col. Charles M. Shelley
                        31st Alabama, Col. D.R. Hundley
                        46th Alabama, Capt. George E. Brewer

                Vaughn's Brigade
                        3d Tennessee (Provisional Army)
                        39th Tennessee
                        43d Tennessee
                        59th Tennessee

                Artillery Battalion  -  Capt. Robert Cobb
                        Tennessee Battery, Capt. Edmund D. Baxter
                        Tennessee Battery, Capt. William W. Carnes
                        Georgia Battery, Capt. Max Van Den Corput
                        Georgia Battery, Capt. John B. Rowan


        Wharton's Division - Maj. Gen. John A. Wharton

                First Brigade - Col. Thomas Harrison
                        3d Arkansas, Lieut. Col. M.J. Henderson
                        65th North Carolina (6th Cavalry),  Col. George N. Folk
                        8th Texas, Lieut. Col. Gustave Cook
                        11th Texas, Lieut. Col. J.M. Bounds

                Second Brigade - Brig. Gen. Henry B. Davidson
                        1st Tennessee, Col. James E. Carter
                        2d  Tennessee, Col. Henry M. Asby
                        4th Tennessee, Col. William S. McLemore
                        6th Tennesse, Col. James T. Wheeler
                        11th Tennessee, Col. Daniel W. Holman

        MARTIN'S DIVISION - Maj. Gen. William T. Martin

                First Brigade - Brig. Gen. John T. Morgan
                        1st Alabama, Lieut. Col. D.T. Blakey
                        3d  Alabama, Lieut. Col. T.H. Mauldin
                        4th Alabama [Russell's], Lieut. Col. J.M. Hambrick
                        Malone's (Alabama) Regiment,  Lieut. Col. James C. Malone, Jr.
                        51st Alabama, Capt. M.L. Kirkpatrick

                Second Brigade - Col. J.J. Morrison
                        1st Georgia, Lieut. Col. S.W. Davitte
                        2d  Georgia, Lieut. Col. F.M. Ison
                        3d  Georgia, Lieut. Col. R. Thompson
                        4th Georgia, Col. Isaac W. Avery
                        6th Georgia, Col. John R. Hart

        ARMSTRONG'S DIVISION - Brig. Gen. Frank C. Armstrong

                First Brigade - Brig. Gen. William Y.C. Humes
                        4th Tennessee [Baxter Smith's],  Lieut. Col. Paul F. Anderson
                        5th Tennessee, Col. George W. McKenzie
                        8th Tennessee [Dibrell's],
                        9th Tennessee, Col. Jacob Biffle
                        10th Tennessee, Col. Nicholas N. Cox

                Second Brigade - Col. C.H. Tyler
                        Clay's (Kentucky) Battalion,  Lieut. Col. Ezekiel F. Clay
                        Edmundson's (Virginia) Battalion,   Maj. S.P. McConnell
                        Jessee's (Kentucky) Battalion, Maj. A.L. McMee
                        Johnson's (Kentucky) Battalion, Maj. O.S. Tenney


                First Brigade - Col. William B. Wade
                        1st Confederate, Capt. C.H. Conner
                        3d Confederate, Col. W.N. Estes
                        8th Confederate, Lieut. Col. John S. Prather
                        10th Confederate, Col. Charles T. Goode

                Second Brigade - Col. J. Warren Grigsby
                        2d Kentucky, Col. Thomas G. Woodward
                        3d Kentucky, Col. J.R. Butler
                        9th Kentucky, Col. W.C.P. Breckinridge
                        Allison's (Tennessee) Squadron, Capt. R.D. Allison
                        Hamilton's (Tennessee) Battalion, Lieut. Col. O.P. Hamilton
                        Rucker's Legion, Col. E.W. Rucker

                        Tennessee Battery, Capt. A.L. Huggins
                        Tennessee Battery, Capt. Gustave A. Huwald
                        Tennessee Battery, Capt. B.F. White, Jr.
                        Arkansas Battery, Capt. J.H. Wiggins

        RESERVE ARTILLERY - Maj. Felix H. Robertson
                        Missouri Battery, Capt. Overton W. Barret
                        Georgia Battery (Havis'), Lieut. James R. Duncan
                        Alabama Battery (Lumsden's), Lieut. Harvey H. Cribbs
                        Georgia Battery, Capt. Thomas L. Massenburg

                Roddey's Cavalry Brigade
                        4th Alabama, Col. William A. Johnson
                        5th Alabama, Col. Josiah Patterson
                        53d Alabama, Col. M.W. Hannon
                        Moreland's (Alabama) Battalion,  Lieut. Col. M.D. Moreland
                        Georgia Battery, Capt. C.B. Ferrell

    Kinloch Falconer  Assistant Adjutant-General



"Chattanooga--A Death Grip on the Confederacy",  by McDonough. 

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