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Dated:  Nov 20, 2011

Cole Family

This page contains some information on the COLE family that arrived in Jamestown in 1618.  It links to various files and documents that relate to the COLE family.  This information covers the COLE's that lived in Virginia in 1600-1700, and moved into Georgia briefly in 1800 and then to Alabama, Mississippi and Texas.

Lineage of Cole Family  1618 - 1917

William Cole

Arrived in Jamestown, VA in 1618 on board the Neptune.
M: Frances 
1629  House of Burgesses  

Hon. William Cole (1638-1694) M1:  _________
M2:  Ann Digges, daughter of Gov Edward Digges.
Martha Lear
Lt. Colonel of local Militia
Bacon Rebellion, Trustee of Wm & Mary College
Secretary of the Colony.
Daughter Susannah married Dudley Digges.

Col. William Cole (1692-1727) M: Mary Roscow  1710
Colonel of Warwick Cty Militia.
House of Burgesses 1718,
Sheriff of Warwick Cty 1726.

Richard Cole (1717-1781)
M1: Lydia Hansford Hill  1737.
M2:  _________ 1759.

William Cole  (1742-1798)
M: Eleanor Bibb (1745-1832)   1763
R:  Methodist.
Louisa, VA.

William Bibb Cole, Sr  (1768-1859) M: Sally Byars  1789    1 children
Son William born Sept. 11, 1795.
Son Richard.
Moved to Clarke Cty, GA. 1819.
Moved to Fayette Cty, AL.

William Bibb Cole, Jr  (1795-1857) M: Mary Freeman   1816
Moved to AL.
10 children.
Moved to Cherokee Cty, Texas ~ 1848.

Richard Wesley Cole (1819-1864)

Pedigree Chart

M: Eliza Jane  (11 July 1816-14 Dec 1866)  m: 1838.
Moved to Choctaw Cty, MS 1841.
Son Richard Bascom
moved to Dallas County, TX
Private, Company C, 5th Miss. Cavalry.
Killed at Battle of Fort Pillow, TN, April 12, 1864

Henry Asbury Cole (1844-1923)

M: Sarah Tucker
Buried at Beauvoir, Jeff Davis Home.
Pension Application 1920
Records from Beauvoir & Obituary

Newton Futral Cole  (1874-1948) M: Jessie Ephelia Pritchard (1879-1966)
Resided: Minter City, Leflore Cty, MS
Buried:  Itta Bena, Leflore Cty, MS

Newton Futral Cole 
(May 18, 1917- May 20, 1993)
M:  Lillibeth Hill  (1921-1989)  March 8 1941
Resided: Minter City, Leflore Cty, MS
Religion: Methodist, Minter City Methodist Church.
Buried:  Itta Bena, Leflore Cty, MS
S/Sgt, Battery B, 328 Field Artillery, 85th Infantry Division
C1: Newton F., III,  C2: Maribeth,  C3:  Joel Stephen

For an extensive genealogy of Richard Bascom Cole(1851-1903), Click  Richard Bascom Cole .      

Richard Wesley Cole
  (1819-1864) of  Black Hawk, Carroll Cty, MS
M:  Eliza Jane Jones, daughter of Benjamin Elliott Jones and Viney Wallace
Click to View PDF File of   Descendants of Richard W. Cole
 Contains 17 pages of descendants in a downloadable PDF file.  Prepared by Nancy Cole Douglas.

Story of the impact the Civil War had on Richard Cole's family:  The Saga of Private Henry A. Cole
Prepared by Steve Cole.

Viney “Vina” Jane Cole
B: 11 April 1840 Fayette county, AL  
D: 1 June 1904 Union county, AR
M:  William Hines Ball - served in Co. G, 22nd Miss. Regiment
Robert Elliott Cole
B: 18 September 1841 Choctaw county, MS
D: 1 Dec 1861  Camp Beauregard, Feliciana, KY
Died due to exposure or possibly meningitis.

Private Company G, "Black Hawk Rifles", 22nd Miss Regiment
Military History: 
  22nd Mississippi Infantry  - Unit history.
   "Black Hawk Rifles" -  Accounting of each member of Company G.
Virginia “Jennie” V. Cole
B:   8 February 1843   Choctaw county, MS
D:   28 May 1888  Dallas county, TX
M:  William J. Ware - served in Co. G, 22nd Miss. Regiment      

Mary E. Cole B:  1849 Choctaw county, MS

Henry Asbury Cole B: 4 Nov 1844  Choctaw county, MS
M: Sarah Tucker
Buried at Beauvoir, Jeff Davis Home.
Pension Application 1920
Records from Beauvoir & Obituary

Francis  “Fannie” Melissa Cole
B:  7 February 1849  Choctaw county, MS
D:  10 February 1929  Bossier Parish, LA
M:  James Slicer Purcell  - served in Co. G, 22 Miss. Regiment

Richard Bascom Cole
B:  November 1851  Choctaw county, MS
D:  13 November 1903  Dallas county, TX

M:  Martha Jane Barrentine (whose father Henry J. Barrentine also served in Co. G, 22nd Miss. Regt.)
Moved to Texas abt. 1875.

Infant Son "J.B.C."
B: 1 June 1853  Carroll county, MS
D:  5 July 1853  Carroll county, MS
Marker in Black Hawk Cemetery, Carroll County, MS

Contains 6 Residents:  Choctaw Country, MS 1841-1850's.  Black Hawk, Carroll Cty, MS 1850's-1866.
Burial Site - Unknown
Mississippi Census 1860 Carroll County  Page 1    Page 2

Military History
Fort Pillow -  History of Battle of Fort Pillow and the 5th Mississippi Cavalry.
Casualties of Fort Pillow - 100 Confederates wounded and killed at Fort Pillow(researched by Nancy Douglas).
5th Mississippi Cavalry, Co. C  - Roster of members from Carroll County.

Henry Asbury Cole  (1844-1923) of  Black Hawk, Carroll Cty, MS
Burial Site - Beauvoir, at Jeff Davis Home for Confederate Veterans.
M:  Sarah Tucker  (1838- 1866)  Widow of Benjamin F. Tucker.
Click to go to Family Page for Henry A. Cole & his brother Robert E. Cole
Margaret Tucker
(1859- 1932)
 Step Child
Frank Tucker 
(1861- __)
 Step Child
Emma E. Cole
(1868- __)
Mary G. Cole 
(1875- 1964)
(1875- 1964)
Newton Futral Cole
(1876- 1949)
B:  Aug 4, 1876
M: Jessie Pritchard
Henry Edgar Cole 
(1881- 195_)
B:  March 1881

Story of Henry Cole family during Civil War: 
The Saga of Private Henry A. Cole

Details the military service of several of the Cole family and In-Laws.  Prepared by Steve Cole.

Military History:  Unit History of   30th Mississippi Infantry &   Roster - Carroll County  &
Pension Application in 1920. 
Records from Beauvoir & Obituary -  Files about Henry's visit to Beauvoir Hospital and his Obituary. 

COLE Reunion of 1948

CLICK on Photo to View
Click on Photo to View Reunion Photo with Names of family members
Family Reunion of 1948 with identifying names.

Courtesy of Nancy Douglas and  Barbara Jean Goad.

Cole Diggs House in Yorktown, VA
House of Cole Digges (1691-1744) circa 1720.
Historic sites of Yorktown area, National Park Service.

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