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Dated:  Nov 25, 2003

Sgt Cole and Buddies

General Photos of GI's

   These photos are general photos of Sgt. Cole and some of his buddies who served with him in 328th Field Artillery, 85th Division.   My dad mentioned the names of many of his friends but I don't know which ones are in all of these photos.  These photos are of some interest even if you don't know the men.  It will give you some idea of their equipment and living conditions at the front in Italy.
   Most of these photos were taken during the first monts in combat for ghe 85th Division, May and June of 1944.  I have included some good photos of my Dad taken in 1945.
   The Quotes are from Dad's scrapbook.

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  Sgt. Cole taking a rest before at a gas station before moving into the Alps.  Probably May 1945.
Sgt Cole with caption;
"I don't feel a bit well- just got to the Rest Center from the train ride from Naples.  No dinner or breakfast. July 17, 1945"
PFC Alfred Winschel of 377th Regt during desert training in Yuma.  See DTC page

"The kitchen crew - Fields, Cottey(or Cotley), McLain, Biangone & 2 K.P's."

"Me & Pratley from Phila. PA at Rest Camp, Dec 1944."

"Me, Flynn & Borders near Lucca, Italy, Jan. 1945"

"Me, Davis, Aridas & Fink. Dec. 1944." (listed right to left)

"Me, Jack Fields & Nelson at Rest Center near Florence" 

"Flynn on mule.  Also Forrest.  Near Naples, May 3, 1944."

"Corio, Roy & me near Lucca, Italy."

Sgt. Cole in Rome.
Caption says July 1945, which was after the war ended.

"Davis(TN), Hannis(TX), & Flynn(NY). Onboard the S.S. West Point."
Returning to states.

Refer to Battery B Group Photo for a roster of the 328th Field Artillery Battalion and the names listed on this page.

      Explanation of photo quality.  Even though these photos were taken with a captured German camera using
120mm film, the photos were developed only in 2.5 inch size; i.e., the prints were same size as the negative.
These scanned images were scanned from those 50-year old prints as the negatives were lost or damaged.

An Artillery Forward Observer of the 34th Division scanning the Liri Valley
just south of Cassino.  Note his Red Bull shoulder patch.

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