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Dated:  September 15, 2009

Lee McCloud

Private Lee McCloud
Company C, 310th Engineer Battalion
85th Custer Division

Private Lee McCloud served with 85th Custer Division in 310th Engineer Combat Battalion, Company C.  The engineers built roads and bridges under combat conditions.  Private McCloud was wounded on September 13, 1944, while the 85th Division was assaulting Mount Altuzzo on the Gothic Line.  The above photo was taken at Camp Shelby, MS, probably in February 1943, when the group photo of Company C was also taken.

This website contains a collection of several photos from Private McCloud taken in Italy during WW2.  For more photos go to Photos from 310th Engineer Battalion

After the War
He was discharged in October 1945 and married Dorothy Willis on April 26, 1946.  They had three sons,(Al, Roy, & Marvin) and one daughter (Patricia), nine Grandchildren and two Great-grandchildren.   Sons Al & Roy have 44 years of Air Force service between them.  Both retired; Al from active forces, Roy from Reserves.  Roy is a veteran of the Gulf War.

Pvt McCloud at Desert Training Camp
Private McCloud outside his tent.
Desert Warfare Training in Yuma, CA.

These and many other photos were contributed by Al McCloud, son of Private Lee McCloud.  For more photos of the 310th Combat Engineers and photos taken during training at Camp Shelby, MS and Yuma, CA, see Photos from 310th Engineer Battalion . 

Pvt Lee McCloud

Ready for Drill
Private Lee McCloud at Camp Shelby in 1943

See Photos from 310th Engineer Battalion  - A selection of photos of Private McCloud and his buddies taken at various places.  Includes photos of captured enemy equipment and a German Stuka dive-bomber.

See  Company C, 310th Engineers - A group photo of members of Company C, 310th Combat Engineer Battalion taken at
Camp Shelby, MS in February 1943, at the same time the individual photo at top of this page.

See Operational Report of 310th Engineer Battalion  - Operational Report is a month-by-month description of how the combat engineer built bridges and roads and forded rivers under enemy gunfire. It mentions every combat casualty but does not give their names.

Go to Desert Warfare Training for maps and info on the camps in southern California.

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