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Dated:   October 16, 2013
Battery A

328TH Field Artillery Battalion

Battery A, 328FA
Fort Dix, New Jersey - 1943

    This is a large, 8 X 34-inch group photo of Battery A of the 328th Field Artillery Battalion.  Photo was taken at Fort Dix just prior to their embarking for North Africa on December 24, 1943.  The 85th Custer Division completed their desert training in California in October and traveled across the US.  They spent about 3 months in Fort Dix, while completing final preparations for shipping overseas.  Many of the soldiers were able to take leave and go home to see their families for one final time.
      This photo was taken on parade ground at Fort Dix, NJ.  The other photos  of Batteries B, C, Service and HQ were taken on the exact same location.  However in some of these photos, the men are wearing their dress uniforms consisting of a coat and tie.

     Due to the large format, the photo was divided into 3 composites with some overlap.  Each section can be viewed up close to see faces.  Click to enlarge and photo will open in a seperate window.

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  1    2    3
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Details of each Composite

              This "yard-long" is divided into 3 composite sections.  First break is to the left of the man in front row that
               has a fold crease across him.  The break between the 2nd and 3rd sectios occurs where there is a gap
               in the second row.

   1   Left section shows the Photo ID number DC 635.   This section includes 11 men on the front row and
          ends just to the left of the crease.

   2 - This section starts at the crease and the 3rd man on the Back Row.  This section contains the officers.

   3 - Last section begins after the last man on the Back Row and at a gap in the 2nd row.
           S/Sgt Walter Keane was identified on the 2nd Row, 8th from the Left, by his daughter Patricia Corbett.

S/Sgt Walter Keane's Biography   

A Member of Battery A

   S/Sgt Walter Keane was one of 5 brothers who served their country in various branches and theaters.  All of them survived to return home.   Sgt Keane served with the 328th Field Artillery Battalion of the 85th Infantry Division during his time in Italy.  His duty was to keep the 105mm cannons supplied with ammunition. 
   When the war ended, Sgt. Keane and a few of his buddies took a leisurely trip to Nice, France.  When they returned, they found they had literally missed the boat for home.  Taking another ship, he arrived to Newport News, VA.  While cleaning out the ship, he found an usual souvenir that was being tossed away.

Click his photo to read Sgt. Keane's biography to find out what he found.  Also view a collection of his photos from the war.


    328th FA Officer  - A group photo of most of the officers that served in the 328th FA Battalion.  
                                     Includes a roster and their duty assignments.

     HQ Battery 1919 - A group photo of this same unit taken after World War 1.

 The following Group photos of the other batteries within 328 FA.
 HQ Battery
Battery A
Battery B Battery C Service Battery

Biographies of soldiers of 328 FA Battalion.  (Click on photo to open)

Link to Sgt Bauch's Biography
Link to Sgt Cole's Biography
Biography of Sgt. Keane
Biography of Pvt. Milles


 A special thanks to Alan Biggs, the son of Major George Biggs, for providing this group photo from his Father's collection.

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